Summer Lace

When it comes to feminine dressing, the lace dress is ubiquitous but failsafe, with each season bringing endless new interpretations of this eternally romantic look. Be inspired by our picks of the trendsetters and follow our tips to style it your way.

Summer Lace

Celebrity Style

With lace a regular feature on the red carpet, the most fashionable of the A-List set know how to turn up their outfits for a fresh take on this tried-and-tested look. Look to the stars for their interpretation of lace styling and see how they breathe new life into their dresses.

The LBD Edit

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Lace Dresses on the street

You can count on the street style stars to think outside the box when it comes to lace dress styling; whether it’s a full-length gown with masculine brogues, shorts or even long sleeves and trousers under a sheer maxi, or quirky accessorising in rainbow colours. The only rule is: there are no rules!