Can you wear black to a wedding?

Would you wear black to a wedding? As a little black dress is synonymous with sophistication, Team LBD certainly would. However, we admit we may just be a little biased. So we decided to consult the experts, from journalists to photographers, celebrity wedding planners to high profile bloggers, to find out just what the general consensus is these days on wearing black on the Big Day. 

Ciara Elliott - Editor, Wedding & Wedding Flowers 

"I love the idea of wearing black to a wedding, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to do it as a bride! Summer blacks are very now, and with our moody, dramatic midsummer skies, as a guest, they can really look eye-popping with a great tan and some bright lippy. Veer away from Sicilian widow in lace for now and go for body-hugging or slinky.

For a bridesmaid, black is a timeless, chic look which has always been huge in America and is creeping in here now. I love the look, not least because women always feel sexy and slimmer in black (so you can avoid the feeling that you're putting your mates through bridesmaid dress hell), but also because you've got so much to play with in terms of styles."

Victoria Joy - Web Editor, You & Your Wedding

"The rules of wedding fashion have changed just as much as weddings themselves, and it's now perfectly acceptable to wear black as a wedding guest. I'd style a LBD for a wedding with pops of colour to lift the ensemble.

Black can also be a super-chic choice for bridesmaids, as it looks striking against a white wedding gown. Plus, few hues are as universally flattering as classic black. Ever since Vera Wang revealed her black wedding dresses, brides have followed suit. I can't say I'm brave enough to go all-out black, but I love the touches of monochrome seen on the bridal catwalks of Vera and Jesus Peiro for spring 2014."

Alexandra Merri - Blogger,

"According to fashion's most notorious designer Karl Lagerfeld: 'One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.' We all have a favourite LBD and if it's something you feel confident in, why not wear it to a wedding? The key is to pair it with colourful accessories.

For bridesmaids, black is elegant and chic. Personally I cannot see completely black wedding dresses becoming popular amongst brides but there is definitely a case for monochrome combinations. Designer Jesus Peiro got it just right with black ribbon belts and bow details but black shoes and headbands also look stylish."

Hannah Haigh - Co-founder, BrideDeForce

"Although I'm not a huge fan of guests wearing black to weddings I did actually put my bridesmaids in black when I got married! I personally wouldn't choose a black wedding dress but I was inspired by Vera Wang's move away from the traditional white in her recents collection. Who is anyone to say you 'can't' though; if it is your wedding, I am very much of the mindset that you should do (and wear) exactly as you choose!"

Kat Williams - Wedding Blogger,

"For a bride? Hell yes, if you want to wear black then you go rock it out! As for bridesmaids, I had black bridesmaids' dresse at my own wedding so I definitely think this is a good idea!"

Danielle Coplans - Editor,

"Selecting an outfit to wear to a wedding is all about combining your personal style with the dress code for the wedding. I see nothing wrong at all with wearing a black dress to a wedding if they are having a sophisticated black-tie event, but if the dress code is 'summer chic' then this obviously wouldn't be the best choice. Instead, pair a black dress with a summery floral print with colourful accessories. Not all brides are comfortable wearing a big white dress. Your wedding day is the one day where you want to feel your most confident and beautiful, so you need stay true to your style. I attended one wedding where the bride wore a black wedding dress; she requested all her guests to wear white and it looked absolutely fantastic!"

Siobhan Craven-Robins - Celebrity Wedding Coordinator 

"For an evening reception, black is perfectly acceptable. I think that black for a day-time wedding is a little sombre and perhaps still viewed as a faux pas. A sort of unwritten rule, similar to not wearing white as a guest. I would not choose to wear black to a daytime wedding, but I have done to an evening reception and added bright shoes and bag. I have had clients' dress their bridesmaids in black. It actually looks very striking and works well with cream or white flowers. I did once have a bride who planned to wear black, but the wedding was cancelled two weeks before the big day. I wonder if it was a sign?!”

 Julia West - Wedding Photographer,

"I've been photographing weddings for over a decade now and I love brides who pick beautiful dresses that their bridesmaids can wear again – and the ultimate chic statement is definitely bridesmaids in black. As for brides, well, it's true to say I’ve never seen a bride in black in my time as a photographer, so I’m not so sure about that. But as for guests, it’s definitely no longer a taboo, unlike white or ivory. The dress code for weddings is always smart and sophisticated and a little black dress is eternally that."

Sarah Haywood - Author, The Wedding Bible

"There are no hard and fast rules other than for guests not to wear white to a wedding out of respect to the bride. Vera Wang's 2012 bridal collection did include a black gown, but among our own clientele the traditional white or ivory gown is still very much in vogue. As to bridesmaids, it is not common to see them in black but we have seen it and it looked very chic. But etiquette does dictate that women should not choose black as a colour for their wedding attire unless it is an evening reception."

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