How to look good in photos

So you've splashed out on the new dress, the shoes, had your nails polished and you're feeling magnificent. So it can be a little soul-destroying when you look back at photos of your occasion only to see that your flattering dress isn’t quite as becoming as you thought, or worse still, the dreaded double chin has appeared. Wonder how celebritiess always manage to look so amazing on the red carpet? It’s years of practicing their posture and pose. We asked wedding photographer Julia from Julia and You, a leading photographer who’s often featured in magazines and editorial features, to reveal her top tips on cheating that glossy celebrity look.

  1. Stand at an angle to the camera rather than straight on, this makes your profile look narrower.
  2. Cross your legs, daintily as it narrows your hips.
  3. Make a gap between your arms and body, particularly if you’re wearing a black dress with sleeves; you need to show the definition of your arms and if you bend your arms it will naturally define them.
  4. Tilt your head down a little towards your shoulder if you are side on (slightly not hugely or you will create a double chin) to slim the shape of your face and create natural highlights. 
  5. Pull your shoulders back and down for great posture and figure-flattering effect.
  6. Hand your camera to the tallest person in the room – photos taken from above are the most flattering.

There you have it, everything you need to shine in that photo album.

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