Chanel in her Ritz suite. Photo by François Kollar
in Harpers Bazaar 1937,


Back in her beloved Paris, Chanel moved into The Ritz hotel, where she could easily slip out via the back door to her flagship Chanel store and studio, situated across the street. She furnished the third-floor, 155m2 suite with her own beige suede settee, quilted cushions, fresh flowers and a folding screen made from lacquered Coromandel. Her quarters overlooked the grand Place Vendôme, one of her great sources of inspiration. It’s said that the cap of her first perfume Chanel N°5 recalls the beautiful square’s geometry and proportions. Today, the Ritz suite in which Coco ended up residing for more than 30 years until her death in 1971, has been preserved in her style, and you can book the ‘Mademoiselle Coco’ suite for £7,000 a night.