Giovanna Fletcher: writer, actress, wife of Tom Fletcher of McFly, Ultimate LBD wearer and the Christmas cook in her house this year. Phew! We sat down with Gi to find out what she'll be wearing this Christmas party season and how she's planning to juggle everything! You always look great on the red carpet Gi! Describe your Christmas party style. I'm definitely a dress, tights and heels girl at a party. And I just love the slinky, long Ultimate LBD which I wore recently! Although I'm always seeking out comfort – I have a pair of flat shoes in my bag, just waiting for the second I walk out the door. Where did you wear your Ultimate LBD? How did you style it? I wore this dress to the Daily Mail's Inspirational Women of the Year awards dinner and paired it up with some killer heels, sparkly earrings and a matching bracelet – I kept it simple and classic. I have to say that I've never felt so comfortable and sexy all at once. What do you love about the Ultimate LBD? Everything. It takes the LBD to new heights thanks to its flattering material (stretchy while remaining supportive) and its rouching detail down the sides. The one shoulder and the side slit help to make the whole thing extremely glamorous. What will you be wearing on Christmas day? Well, I’ll be cooking this year – so I’ll probably start the day with a cheesy Christmas jumper and then swap it for my festive apron later on. Ever so glamorous. How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? This year we’re having Christmas at our house – so both mine and Tom’s family will unite for the day. We all just make the most of being together – playing games, watching telly (all of the Christmas specials)… we laugh a lot and eat a lot. I usually go overboard on the cooking and make far too much. Oops! What is at the top of your Christmas list? I don’t really have much of a Christmas list this year. It’s annoying because throughout the year I think of little things I could ask for, but by the time Christmas comes I’ve forgotten the lot! I really would like a new chair for my office though as I'm in there writing most of the time. Fingers crossed Santa will remember. What are you looking forward to giving your friends and family for Christmas? I can’t possibly tell you that… although I think they’re all going to think I've gone mad. Especially Tom. What does the LBD mean to you? Like every girl knows, the little black dress in her wardrobe is the item that she can wear and feel fabulous in – they’re the dresses that never let us down. I love them! Who is your LBD icon? It has to be Victoria Beckham back when she was in the Spice Girls. What a gorgeous lady. I also love Michelle Williams’ style – she always looks stunning. Does Tom get fashion? Is it important what he thinks of what you wear? Tom does get fashion – have you seen him and the McFly boys in their suits lately? How hot do they look! Ha! To me there’s nothing better than getting ready in the morning and having Tom compliment me on the way I look or what I'm wearing. It’s nice to still be appreciated after all this time. What’s in store for you in the New Year? 2013 is an important year for me – my debut novel Billy and Me is being published on May 23rd. I can’t wait for people to read what I've created… although I'm already getting nervous! Other than that, I’ll be continuing to work on book two.