We sat down with Sarah of the much loved blog Temporary Secretary to find out what she'll be up to come Christmas day. From the LBD she'll be sporting, to the gifts she'll be sending, and of course how her blog's furry mascot, Oscar the cat, will be marking the occasion...  You look fashionable all year round. What is your Christmas party style like? I like to play it safe at Christmas and wear dark colours but always with something sparkly. Whether it's this season's sequin blazer or lots of gold accessories, I'll make sure I include something shimmery and eye-catching for the Christmas party season. This year I really like the black and gold combination I've been seeing on my favourite blogs and the high street so I think I'll try to recreate this colour scheme in my festive going out outfits. What is your idea of the perfect Christmas? Only to have all the family together with lots of presents, food and drink! We don’t have any quirky family traditions but my uncle did dress up as Santa Claus one year, which was quite funny! I love it when we get in to the spirit of things. What will you be wearing on Christmas day? At the moment it's a tie between my favourite LBD and my new Christmas jumper. Chic or kitsch, that is the question! I've never owned a Christmas jumper before, and this year I've bought the tackiest, Mark Darcy style number. It's brilliant though, the wackiest and fuzziest ones are the best. You can't beat a classic Christmas jumper! Tell us more about your favourite little black dress though... My favourite little black dress is actually from LittleBlackDress.co.uk! I've featured it on Temporary Secretary before. It’s a beautiful body-con dress and it was love at first sight! I know it will never go out of style and although it’s a classic LBD, it’s still out of my comfort zone (in a good way) and has really pushed me to adopt a sexy, but chic, party style. I just love wearing it.

You can buy Sarah's favourite black dress for just £45 here! How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? I wish we had somewhere exciting to go but we never get invited anywhere (sob). No-one will have us! But there's always such a good festive buzz. We stay at home and have family around after dinner. Then we'll watch Home Alone and make cocktails. When I have my own house I think I will invite everyone and anyone to come for dinner and spend the day with me! This year I'll be happy to be around mum, dad and my sisters and of course Oscar who will be getting in to the spirit of things in his Santa hat. He's so on-trend! What is at the top of your Christmas list this year? I love all of the handbags and hair accessories at LBD! I also have my eye on the iPad Mini. I want one because I could take it everywhere with me so I'm always switched on for work and my blog. But then I'll be terribly antisocial so maybe it's best I stick with handbags and jewellery! What will you be buying for your loved ones this year? Your gift section is so nice! These pearl earrings would make a fab gift for my sister who is getting married in the summer. They're so elegant and would go perfectly with her wedding dress. As for the rest of my friends and family, I'm never sure what to buy. I was quite proud of myself for already having bought one present... but I've ended up keeping that for myself so it’s back to square one! I usually leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. Very un-organised, I know.

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Any plans for NYE yet? I am meeting up with friends but we’re not sure what we are doing yet. I told you I was un-organised! Really I'm just trying to get through the Christmas chaos at work and by the time I get time off I think all I'll want to do is sit in my PJs and watch TV. It’s all I think about. What a glamorous life I do lead!