Who can forget Vivien Leigh's enormous mourning dress in Gone with the Wind. A huge bustle and as much detail as she could muster - this style isn't just for funerals. Celebs have often been since on the red carpet since, Heidi Klum shows how to make her baby bump super fashionable with a simple Marchesa full length LBD.

Look at me LBDs

Princess Diana knew how great the effect that fashion had, her choice of dress when she'd split from Charles was the ultimate 'look at me' showstopper. By keeping it black, she showed off her fabulous figure whilst still looking elegant. Demi Moore wore a provocative cut-out dress in Indecent Proposal, for THAT scene with Robert Redford. And Elizabeth Hurley catapulted into the limelight as Hugh Grant's girlfriend in Versace's safety pin dress.

Mini LBD

Jane Birkin knew how to show off her figure in a way that the French do best, keep necklines high when dress lengths are short. The simple shift has always been a favourite choice, Kate Moss goes a little bit Demi Moore with this shorter version of the mini.