We'd like to welcome Daisy Lowe back to the LBD blog after featuring her festival fashion flair at the beginning of summer. The colder season is approaching fast (sigh!), the Autumn winds are whipping up a mighty storm and so is Ms. Lowe's fishtail frock. We were still reeling here in the LBD office from the insult to Fetish Fashion that Ms. Abbey Clancy foisted upon us yesterday, but thanks to the work of two style saints we've been seduced all over again after seeing a new wave of style excellence. Daisy Lowe is a whole new kettle of fish when stood next to mainstream Abbey in her, less than demure, garb and rocking the flared skirt look that we saw last month on Vera Farmiga and her quirky, signature, block fringe and redlip combination. This hourglass sculpting marvel belongs to the recent collection by London designer, Jexika and features a nude underlay enshrouded in intricate lace. This LBD gives a teasing taster but never the full reveal unlike some we could mention- Abbey; fanciful flirting without full frontal nudity. If you're loving the fishtail look then cast your lusting eye over these beauties to make sure you rock this trend swimmingly (sorry!) If these aren't floating your boat then don't worry, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Check out our collection of lacey LBDs for a luxurious look without a trace of smut.