You must know by now that Team LBD are dotty for Daisy Lowe what with her unwavering eye for all things fashion; her festival style and fishtail frock in particular. We have even featured her teeny tiny sibling, Betty Lowe on the blog- fashionista qualities must run in the Lowe DNA! A leopard never changes it's spots as the saying goes and Daisy Lowe is certainly looking as fantastic as ever. This time Team LBD are lusting over Daisy's adorable ensemble that she wore earlier this week, which was a refreshing alternative to the more common dramatic designs of the moment. Don't get us wrong, we are loving all this luxurious chiffon, seductive leather and lavish lace but every Vamp has to take a day off, believe it or not and Daisy's demure garb is the perfect solution. Polka dots are the print of the moment, whilst off-white sleeve and neck trims give her out fit that season-savvy colour-block. Naturally, we can't fault Daisy's signature bangs and red pout combo, nor can we deny our burning envy for that fabulous footwear! The stylish socialite was partying in London's Callooh Callay bar, which Team LBD told you last week in our Guide to LDN, would be a fashion pack hotspot and we were right. Ooh we are good! To get Daisy's girl-next-door goes school girl-chic look, have a look through our pick of today's most adorable LBDs then smudge on some rouge lipstick, buckle up a pair of black Mary Janes and you're good to go.