Our editor Nathalie Gibbins ask presenter, DJ, fashion designer and all-round man-about-town, George Lamb to reveal his LBD moments

Do you like a woman in a little black dress? Of course, who doesn't? You would have to be crazy not to. There is something incredible chic and sophisticated, sexy and simple and no frills about it. Little black dress says straight what it does on the jar. And I kind of like that. You're a fashion designer (George is one half of men's label A. Sauvage) -create your perfect dress Is it Herve Leger who does the one that is really tight? Yeah, they look pretty cool. Bandage style, tight, bodycon, short, sexy, shoulders on show: I mean if we're going to do little black dresses, lets just do it properly. Who's your ultimate LBD date? Marion Cottilard. She's French, chic and sexy all at the same time. Or the actress Julie Christie back in the day. I was looking through one of photographer David Bailey's old books recently and Julie Christie was insanely beautiful. Do you have a style mantra? If it's not wow, put it in the bin. Is there a male equivalent to the LBD? Not really. It' quite hard to find a classic item for men that's also chic and sexy. Maybe a tux. In fact, that's not a bad analogy. A really nice tux is probably the closest thing we've got. In a tux, you walk in a room and you feel like James Bond. You make it onto numerous best-dressed lists. Does style come naturally to you or is it hard work being so dapper? I think you have to find your voice and once you've found it, stick with it. I'm not one of those incredibly super-stylish people who can pull something on, wrap that round there, stick a hat on and it looks fine. I have some friends who can make a bin bag look great but that's not me. I've found what works for me: I look good in suits, it is that simple. I like tailoring. I like how it makes me feel. When I'm wearing a suit, I feel like I mean business. Tell us about your fashion label A. Sauvage It's my type of style: modern tailoring. We're in Harrods and Matches now but we're opening a shop just off Bond Street before Christmas. Very exciting. Do you ever have a day off from suits? I try not too! It's kind of weird. I feel a little bit lost in the summertime when I'm in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I just want to float around and I don't find it very conducive for work. I put a suit on the other day for the first time in months and I was like 'I'm back, lets go, who wants to do what?' It felt good. Do you look after yourself? I run every day, eat well and train hard. My favourite dinner is a salad. But a big salad with 20 different things in it. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My feet. I would have made them just a little bit smaller. They're size 13 and they limit me shoe-wise. I often build my wardrobe from the ground up so it's difficult. I currently own numerous outfits and I simply don't have the requisite shoes to go with them! What have you got coming up? As well as presenting Style Birmingham Live at the end of September, I'm also going down to Suffolk next week to film the third series of BBC's Young Talent. In January I start a new quiz show for Channel 4 and I've got an unnamed project, which involves me travelling around the world a lot, so I like that. Finally, describe your perfect LBD moment I love when I'm taking a girl out and I go to pick her up from her house. I always enjoy that moment when she opens the door and I think oh yeah, you look great. Wow. The night hasn't even started and I'm already having an amazing time. Catch George Lamb at Style Birmingham Live, 23 -25 September, www.stylebirmingham.com