After winning Best International female at last month's Brits, Pop Princess Rihanna celebrated her victory with a pit stop at fashion retail giant Topshop. The singer indulged in an impressive 5 hours of retail therapy at the flagship store on Oxford Street, which had been shut especially for her. The singer stocked up on the latest Topshop goodies of shoes, denim and on-trend items and left the store at the unimaginable time of 12:30 am. Since then Team LBD have been watching the songstress carefully, ever on the lookout for hot off the high street style to share with you. In her weeklong stay in London Rihanna has graced our streets with her cool hip hop/chic style in her new brand new wardrobe, and was spotted sporting a gorgeous black digi print Topshop sweatshirt and casual long black skirt combo that we can't stop thinking about. Also whilst in the capital she met with up with her new BFF, Topshop Heiress Chloe Green to celebrate her 24th birthday at hotspot restaurant Noviko, who reportedly gave her the Topshop spree as a birthday present. We'll be your friend, Chloe! A Topshop employee said "Rihanna was just walking around with one of the personal shoppers. She kept saying: ‘Oh, this is lovely. Oh, I love that.’ She was so nice and friendly. She just looked like a normal girl who was shopping, albeit with a huge host of security and people running around to show her things.” If you fancy giving your self the celeb treatment have a little look at our extensive collection of Topshop goodies here. Go on, you know you want to!