'Stacey Dash'. Who's that?, you may be asking yourself. Well, let Team LBD enlighten you. In between being an American film and television actress, she is yet another member in the long line of woman wishing they could travel back a few decades and wake up in the stylish shoes of Audrey Hepburn. Ms. Dash shamelessly imitating the black shift dress, blinding tiara and elbow-length glove combination that charmed the world so flawlessly when Audrey graced the screens during the 1920s and we can't say we blame her. We know that when we go perusing the racks for a brand new LBD that, deep in the depths of our subconcious, we always have that iconic image of the twenties screen siren, bedecked in pearls and making puffing on a cigarette look oh so romatic. We certainly admire Stacey Dash for her gallant attempt at recreating that infamous Breakfast at Tiffany's ensemble and we're loving the lace addition to bring the aesthetic up to date. However, just like the reams of others who have tried, Stacey will never compare to the unparalled original but if you also want to have a go, then browse our Audrey-esque LBDs to start you on your way.