Valentines day is fast approaching and the questions on everyone’s lips are: what should I wear for Valentine’s day? What shall I get her for Valentines day? And hardest of all, what to get him for Valentines day? First and foremost is the valentines dress. You’ll want a figure-flattering little black dress for a romantic Valentines day, which really shows off your curves and makes you feel comfortable for your Valentines evening. A classic evening dress with a delicate sweetheart neckline is great if you’re going to a special romantic Valentines event, or enjoying a luxury Valentines package away but if it’s just going to be you and your man why not go for something more daring like a red dress. Red dresses for Valentines Day are a popular choice so choose a designer dress that you’re sure no-one else will have. Heart print dresses and heart shaped accessories are going to be huge for Spring/Summer 2012 so invest in a versatile and fun heart print piece to last you for the rest of the season. [affiliate category_id=296 per_page=6 show_pagination=false] Valentines clothes shouldn’t be the be all and end all of whether or not you have a happy Valentines though. It is however important to choose a Valentines gift that really shows how much you care about your Valentine. What to get for Valentines day can be tricky, but we recommend keeping it simple for both men and women. Why not buy the lady in your life a little black dress for Valentines day? You can’t really go wrong if you pick a simple evening style without too much detailing- just make sure it’s the right size! If buying a Valentines day dress for your date sounds a bit too tricky then why not consider some valentines jewellery as a gift? We’ve got a great selection of Valentines gifts in our LBD Boutique with jewellery brands like Rok Chix and Brandts offering Valentines earrings, Valentines necklaces, Valentines bracelets, you name it, they’ve got it! Valentines day for him is not such a big deal. Choose simple, token Valentines gifts for him or surprise him with a romantic Valentines day package that both of you can enjoy. Or you could really push the boat out and go on a Valentines day holiday- you’ll of course need him to buy you a lot of Valentines clothes for this! [affiliate category_id=297 per_page=6 show_pagination=false]