We cannot deny that Abbey Clancy has a body to die for and if we were in her black stilletto pumps, we too would probably flaunt our assets with the same nonchalance. However, Abbey's strongly mainstream look, complete with glossy pout, shrinking hemline and brassy tresses merely cheapen a trend that demands some edge this Autumn/Winter. Team LBD loves a bit of lace and the odd flash of flesh but Abbey's glamour model, WAG demeanour only makes for sex shop smut as opposed to the teasing and tantalising ensembles perfected by other red carpet goers so well. Unfortunately for Abbey, while she has the body for it, she doesn't have the attitude or reputation. A garb this daring requires a certain level of fearlessness and the play-it-safe hair, deep tan and high-shine lipgloss just aren't the stalking catwalker or fashion boundry-breaker this dress deserves (Hello Lady G, or perhaps even, Daisy Lowe or Chloe Servigny). Showing some skin isn't exactly a pioneering move from Ms.Clancy, if she'd have rocked up in floor length maxi, even if it were sheer or crocheted, she might have had grabbed our attention. It's another tragic case of an enchanting trend being badly carried out. We recently mentioned how Selena Gomez was 'too Disney' to pull off the goth-glam outfit she donned at the (VMAs?). While we gave her an A+ for effort, (we can see what you're trying to do Selena), it's just slightly wide of the mark. When it comes to fashion, the old adage is true, make sure the trend you pick suits you, first and foremost – otherwise you could be joining Clancy and Gomez on the 'nice idea, poor execution' list. Abbey, if you're reading this, or anyone else who thinks revealing next week's washing is a good look, we urge you to draw some much needed inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga who, if a little bizarre, still manages to look lavish in lace or Krysten Ritter who pulls the ballerina-gone-bad look off flawlessly. Hats off too to Laura Haddock who despite her mainstream image donned a sheer maxi for a devastatingly fierce look at the Inbetweeners premiere. It can be done! These lacey LBDs will seduce in style without screaming sleaze - make sure you don a sleek up do and simple make up so as not to tarnish go highclass call girl rather than Haute Couture. For even more luxurious lace, navigate your attention towards our collection of LBDs to perfect this seasonal fever.