Different-Ways-To-Do-VdayValentines Day is fast approaching and we've been fantasising about what our ultimate date night would look like. We're mainly trying to drop some serious hints to our significant others, but we hoped it might inspire you, if you're struggling to think of ways to spend February 14th! Whether you're celebrating Valentines Day this year, or just having a girls night in, don't let it be boring! Therefore the team at LBD have imagined their fantasy Valentine's Day to inspire you. Some may be outrageous, but hey, we can dream!  

1. The Penthouse in Paris


"My ideal Valentine's Day would be spent in Paris. Ideally, it would be a surprise trip and when we arrived at the apartment, a beautiful new dress with heels and lingerie would be waiting for me on the bed! I would love to get a little note with clues hinting to what we might be doing in Paris, or telling me a secret location that we have to go to! Obviously, we would be going to a fancy rooftop restaurant to have steak and lobster with a view of the Eiffel Tower!"

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2. The Fabulous Baker Boys Date


"I would love to recreate the scene with Michelle Pfeiffer laid on the grand piano wearing that amazing red dress in the "Fabulous Baker Boys" movie! If that doesn't happen, I would want to get the train up to Edinburgh (first class, of course, so I don't have to drive!) and have dinner in Edinburgh Castle Terrace restaurant. I think my partner would look amazing in a red dress, too, so if Michelle can't make the date I can always take my girlfriend instead."

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3. The Girls Night Out


"Me and my friends celebrate "Gal-entines" where we just have a girly night out instead of going on a date! We all meet up beforehand to spend ages getting ready together and choosing what to wear. We'll book in at a nice restaurant for dinner before going out for cocktails. It's a great excuse for a catch-up and we don't really mind if we're single on Valentine's, if we're out having a great time!"

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4. The Fancy Night In


"My ideal Valentine's is quite a simple one! I can't stand how busy restaurants get, especially over the last two years when it's fallen on a weekend, so I prefer to have a fancy dinner in! I still put in effort to get ready and look amazing, but it's nice to relax at home away from the crowded restaurants! We usually spend ages scrolling though Netflix after to choose what movie to watch and spend the night chilling out with a glass of wine!"

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Whatever your plans, look fabulous!

Whatever you're doing this Valentine's day, whether you're lucky enough to be spending it in Paris, or spending it with the people that make you happiest at home, we've got dresses to make you look and feel fabulous! Wishing you a very happy Valentine's, or just a great Tuesday if you don't celebrate it! Love from The Team at LBD x