As Team LBD love nothing more than a summer wedding to dress up for, we ran a survey to find out more about your wedding guest dressing habits. And now we have the results from over 1000 of you lovely participants we've found out everything from your favourite colour to wear, to who your favourite celebrity wedding guest is; unsurprisingly it seems you have bestowed this honour on the Duchess of Cambridge! kate-middleton And it seems although Kate Middleton takes the crown, our style icon Victoria Beckham comes in a close second with 22% of the vote. Whilst at the other end of the spectrum, you voted the UK’s biggest wedding fashion faux pas as Katie Price’s pink wedding dress (no surprises there), closely followed by Princess Beatrice’s headline-making hat at the Royal Wedding. celebrity wedding style Perhaps Beatrice's hat was a bit of a deterrent as our survey finds hats have fallen out of favour in recent years, with only 13% saying they would wear one over a fascinator and nearly 29% stating they wouldn’t wear any headwear at all. In a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book, 48% of those questioned said they would wear the same dress twice – but only if it was with a different group of friends who hadn’t seen it before. WEARING-WHITE When it comes to what we wear as a nation, 47% of you said you would never consider wearing white to a wedding if you weren't the bride, with many considering it to be the biggest fashion mistake possible. Interestingly, although white was voted the number one wedding fashion mistake, 30% of ladies in the North of England actually thought that showing too much skin was the bigger no no. They also confessed to being more likely to get dressed up in their glad rags for a night out compared to their southern counterparts with 30% getting dressed up at least once a month. 57would-wear-black In a break from tradition, a staggering 57% of you would choose to wear our favourite colour, the LBD, although 34% of you would only wear black with brightly coloured accessories. In terms of your favourite colour though, blue took the lead, with 13% stating it is as their favourite wedding-day hue. wearing-blue We also did a little digging into your spending habits and it turns out that the majority of weddings are attended by 26-30 year olds, so it’s not surprising that 63% of that age group wouldn’t spend over £100 on their dress, compared to just 7% saying they would spend over £200.  And when it comes to the fashion habits of the North vs the South, Londoners are more likely to be the big spenders, with 17% splashing out upwards of £150 on a dress, compared to just 11% of Mancunians. Have our results got you thinking for your own wedding guest outfit? Shop our stunning collection of wedding guest dresses for a range of budgets here.