Barcelona.  . . the city with a thousand sights, sultry nights and fashion delights.  Top style blogger Audrey Leighton is wearing our fabulous summer night glamour collection for a photo shoot with Little Black Dress in Barcelona. For those who don't know Audrey, she's a major fashion influencer with 93k followers. Her mantra is: "I live for the photos that feel like another era." Yep, we agree with that. Read on for Audrey's take on how to wear some of this summer's hottest trends, asymmetrical shapes and the maxi slip dress from our top designers Gorgeous Couture and Honor Gold.

Barcelona Nights

Caption: The fabulous Frassy wearing Gorgeous Couture Firstly, let's give a warm welcome back to top influencer Audrey Leighton, who's blog has grown from strength to strength since our last collab  two years ago. Audrey explains: "It was an honour to collaborate again with Little Black Dress to showcase my top three choices for any and every dressy event this summer." Be Frassy, the name of Audrey's blog, started as a visual journal documenting daily outfits. It was in a bid to combat boredom back in 2009 while studying at a too-traditional University in England.

Be Frassy - the Barcelona Blog

Audrey explains: "After graduating, I opted to follow blogging as a profession and move to Paris. At 21, I launched the website full time and moved into a crumbling apartment on the left bank. Those first four years in Paris were both magical and incredibly formative to what I’ve achieved professionally so far." Since then,  Be Frassy has evolved to showcase Audrey's entire life. She says: "I wear the clothes I love alongside personal stories in an effort to offer deeper insights into my life, the things I love, the problems I face and the brands, projects, places, habits and  ideas that inspire me."

A Barcelona Photographer with a Difference

The blog, Be Frassy has seen Audrey develop a voice as a writer but also inspires her work as a photographer.  "Two years ago, I abandoned Paris full time and set up a life further south in Barcelona, Spain. I now work between the two cities as a photographer and influencer." Audrey says. This is Audrey's second collaboration with Little Black Dress - and for this summer, we are showcasing her top picks in a Barcelona Nights summer edit. Discover Audrey's key dresses to wear  right now. Audrey says: "The warm weather is upon is and with it comes a season of parties. From weddings to yacht soirees, summer nights on islands and every fancy affair between. I am very much a believer of less is more when it comes to formal wear. I love well-tailored, streamlined styles easily worn time and time again. Caption: Frassy is described as a sultry mix between Sofia Loren and Marilyn Monroe "Simpler styles can be easily embellished and transformed with accessories." Audrey explains: "I like to rely on heels, vintage designer bags and enormous earrings for variation." "I have an incredible silk jumpsuit I’ve relied on for cocktail parties for years. These three dresses from Little Black Dress, are a trusty rota for every occasion that (a) comes with an invitation in the mail and (b) demands black tie dress code."

Lake Como

Have a fancy event in your agenda this summer? Audrey says: " I couldn’t recommend Little Black Dress enough. The brand stocks an incredible array of dresses at all different price points. Caption: Tree hugging optional; wear the Gorgeous Couture dress as a formal or casual must-have. "So, be it a formal party a few blocks away or at a mansion on Lake Como, they have a dress for every occasion and every bank account." Barcelona Nights Little Black Dress blog