Beauty Blog SS18 special edition: tassels, sequins and gems oh my…the Little Black Dress SS18 party dress collections looks hot, hot, HOT! Whether you’re off to a fancy do, summer shindig, wedding or prom there’s a gorgeous gown that’s the perfect fit. And once you’ve chosen The One (or two, or three!)  it’s time to think about the rest of your get up, the ultimate accessories and we don’t just mean the bags and shoes! That’s right, we’re talking hair and make-up.  Read on for a beauty lesson in party looks. . .   ‘The glossy summer make-up and hair I created for Little Black Dress for their latest shoot day was all about enhancement,’ reveals celebrity MUA Carly Hobbs, pictured above. 'My aim is to give the model a fresh, flawless skin. I am adding shimmering shadows, blush ‘n’ bronze contour and on trend nude lips that look expensive. ‘And when it comes to hair, bigger is better with glam waves dressed out to create volume while making a statement. Then finally in this beauty blog, we are throwing in a tonged ponytail to add an elegant edge – both super modern and super easy to recreate.’ Here's Carly handy "how - tos" on getting the Little Black Dress SS18 Party Collection make-up and hair looks. You can even add the products she used to your shopping bag right now, simply click here or on the make-up marvels themselves! Happy beauty accessorising….

1. Ace Of Base - Beauty Blog

To get skin that looks like the best skin of your life, prep is key, so work on Daniel Sandler Silky Skin Pro Finish Face Primer post-moisturising. This wonder product gives your make-up something to hang on to. It stays on as long as you stay up – 3am night out finishes are no dramas. It smoothes over complexions, giving a Snapchat kind of filter in real life. Perfection. After allowing this to settle for a few moments, follow with your favourite foundation. Using the less is more approach, smoothing it on with one stiff brush, then blending it out with a clean fluffier one. Only use concealer where you need it, patting into place using the pads of your little fingers.

2. Cheeky Girl

Sculpting your face with a clever mix of blushes and bronzers, cream and powder, look so pretty and will stay in place. It gives a natural yet flirty finish. So is something everyone will love and can make work for them. Start by buffing Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush in Cherub just under the apples of your cheeks, before sweeping the pinky shade upwards and beneath the cheek bones. Doing this makes the face appear leaner and younger.


Next slick Daniel Sandler Watercolour Crème Bronzer in Riviera just above your blush definition, blending them slightly but allowing the bronze to stand out to make you look sunkissed. Set this all in place with a light layer of Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Bronzing Powder, adding a sweep of this to the temples, down the bridge of the nose and the edges of the forehead also. Finally, swirl a big fluffy make-up brush over all four, shimmering colours in the Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen Illuminating Palette before dusting this beautiful highlighting powder over the tops of cheekbones, tip of the nose and onto the temples. Before you set it aside do the same with an eyeshadow brush, prepping your eyes with this sheeny colour across the entire lid.

3. Pretty Peepers

With your radiant sheen powder in place as a soft wash on which to work on, use the darkest shade in the Daniel Sandler Eye Shadow Palettein Beyond Sunset to contour the eyes for definition. Use windscreen wiper style motions following the shape of the socket line, blurring outwards before taking this colour under the lower lash lines too; this creates a soft, halo eye effect.

Losse Shimmer

Next carefully press Daniel Sandler Eye Delight Loose Shimmer Eye Shadow in Peach across the entire lid and below the lash line. Use one stiffer brush to add the glittering pigment, then a clean fluffier one to buff the edges so it looks effortless and very pretty. Add a pop of Daniel Sandler Eye Delight Loose Shimmer Eye Shadow in Ice into the inner eye corners to make peepers pop, layer on lashings of Daniel Sandler Intense Volume Pro Mascara, paying particular attention to the outer, upper lashes as this gives a Bambi-like look; and brush up brows using the brand new Daniel Sandler Brow Fix NEW.

4. Lip Love In

With so much going on up top in terms of eye shadow, lashes, brows and contours the pout needs to tow the line a little but still look good. To create an invisible shape to the lips use Daniel Sandler Colour Lock Prime & Fill Lip Liner NEW, followed by a few slicks of Daniel Sandler Luxury Lipstick in Goddess. Pout to apply it, relax, pat in the edges down to the outer lip corners with your fingertips. Repeat until the colour looks strong but still sheer.

Beauty Blog -  lip gloss

Then add a little Daniel Sandler Luxury Lip Gloss in Skinny Dip just to the outer edges, press the lips together to blend and then enjoy the effect of a fuller looking pout. Finally set your whole look, apart from the lips, using Daniel Sandler Invisible Blotting Powder NEW, which seals in all your hard work so you can party safe in the knowledge you look your beautiful best.

5. Good Hair Nights! Beauty Blog

And it can't be a beauty blog without a little hair advice ladies. A little hair prep, goes a long way. Brush your hair through then mist all over using hairspray to give it some grip. This done, wrap two-inch-wide sections around your curling tong, leaving out the roots. Also leave out  about an inch and a half of the ends. Concentrating on the mid-lengths only gives width as well as volume. So, you get waves that can D.I.S.C.O with you! Spritz again with hairspray. Then, pin up out of the way as you do the rest of your pre-event fun drinks, make-up etc. After at least 20 minutes of pin up time, carefully release all your waves.

Blasting techniques

Tip your head upside down and blast with a texturising, volumising spray. Give the roots a little extra product for added lift. Then comb it all through using your fingers before flipping your head back. These wonder waves will go as long as you do. However, if you want to style them up into a cool ponytail, grab some Kirby grips and pull your hair back as if to start a typical pony. Before securing with a band, use the grips to create the front of the pony tail. Don't forget to keep texturising and volumising that front section, pinning in place. Then, go in with the hairband, pulling the pony slightly to one side. Right or left you decide. Good to go for your selfie side, you know if you have one! This will allow your ponytail to be seen from the side as well as from the back, framing your face! beauty blog