One of Manchester’s biggest and best known bloggers, you only have to glance at Victoria of In The Frow to see why she’s created such a cult following. Chic, glamorous and unique, her trademark purple hair certainly sets her apart from the crowd, and she’s got the brains too – by day she’s a Fashion Retail Lecturer at the University of Manchester! So there was no doubt in our mind that she was the ideal fashionista to discuss all things stylish and unique. To celebrate our new way of shopping on Little Black Dress, which allows you to shop by how you want to feel, whether that be glamorous, unique, sexy, classic or feminine, we’ve teamed up with our five favourite fashion bloggers to reveal more about their individual party mood. This week we spoke to Victoria from In The Frow about her unique style…

What inspired you to start your fashion blog?

I stumbled upon some Youtube videos one day and fell in love with it all. I then came across blogs and the whole industry and had to have a piece of it.

What are the best bits and worst bits about running a fashion blog?

The best bits are getting to meet new people, travel to some awesome places and just to stay ahead of whats happening in the industry you love. The worst bits would be the times that it keeps you working until late and the amount of effort you need to put in to really make it a success, it can be quite tiring. But I love it.

Describe your party style…

My go-to party style would be anything sleek and flattering. A LBD is a usual fave, especially if you can wear it with some bright accessories. I like to stand out, so i'll go all out when it comes to style. It's hard not to stand out though when you have purple hair. Below Victoria wears the LBD Collection Kate dress, £110. inthefrow

How does dressing so uniquely make you feel?

I guess extra confident. I don't care really what other people think about my style as long as I really love it. So if i'm wearing something I absolutely love and that has something quite unusual or unique about it, it only makes me more excited to wear it.

Who are your style icons?

I adore Victoria Beckham. She has always been a favourite, as her style is so well put together and stylish. She can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. I also adore Leigh Lezark, Gwen Stefani and the Olsen Twins. I often read up on what they have been wearing and try to incorporate some of their style into mine.

Give us your top five tips for dressing unique, stylishly…

First tip would be to find the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit. Dont settle for something youre not confident in. Second tip would be to make sure you have your makeup down to a T. A bold lip, a super smokey eye or big false lashes. If youre going to do it, then own it. Third tip, if you love the dress and you look fabulous in it, as long as its fit for purpose, go for it. Fourth tip would be, don't go for the mass market pieces. Go for something that is a little different that you know you will make work. Others may not have seen how they could have been creative with it, but you can. And finally, just ooze confidence when you wear it. Stand up tall and show how amazing you feel. What are your top five unique picks from Little Black Dress? From left to right: Gina Bacconi Graduated Jersey Dress, £150Gina Bacconi Jacquard Dress with Full Skirt, £240Forever Unique Buffy Dress, £220Forever Unique Hayden Coordinating Set, £220Elliot Claire Rea Dress, £295 victoria in the frow dresses

What’s your favourite trend for autumn winter?

The trend I'll be rocking for autumn winter will be monochrome. I have been so bright and colourful for so long now that I fancy a big change. I want to be tailored and wearing beautiful marls, blacks and bright whites.

What does your perfect little black dress look like?

The perfect little black dress is sexy yet not too over the top, unique in its embellishments or details and is in a super luxe fabric. Paired with a pair of tall black stilettos and a silver sequin clutch, you cant go wrong.

What would be your perfect night out?

A perfect night would be me and my girls, prosecco and an amazing meal at one of the nicest restaurants in the city. Followed by cocktails at a nearby wine bar with our own private booth, leading onto our own VIP area in a classy club, supplied with strawberry cocktails and RnB.

Reveal your five favourite places in your little black book...

Probably in line with my perfect night out, I love San Carlos for a wonderful night of stylish food. Australasia again for food but also for the beautiful cocktails and wine bar feel. I love the Hilton Cloud bar for a cocktail with a view, Croma for an incredible pizza and Richmond Tea Rooms for the perfect soup and sandwich for an amazing brunch.

Most unique place to go out?

Somewhere new and exciting. I love visiting new cities to explore so of their super stylish bars and places to eat. Its always amazing when you sneak yourself into a VIP area too, it just makes your night so exciting! Read more about Victoria's unique style over on her blog, In The Frow and don't forget to take a look at her Instagram account either. inthefrooow

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