Here at Little Black Dress we love to accentuate our positives and make the most of our unique body shapes - we also love celebrity style so we decided to look to the stars to see how our favourite leading ladies show off their amazing bodies on the red carpet.

We all have different bodies, we all have different body hang-ups and although we are very harsh on ourselves, we can usually find a part of our body that we love. We decided that the best way to give ourselves a body-confidence boost is to find a dress that shows off the parts we’re proud of, so we pulled together a run-down of our favourite dresses to show off what we love about ourselves - whether it be our killer boobs, or the subtle sexiness of showing off your back - we found the best dresses to flaunt what we’ve got and hopefully mystify our wobbly bits! So, what is your favourite feature?

Is your back beautiful?

Emma Watson shows off her flawless back with a deep plunge - it’s an elegant way to show off some skin and a great way to add a little bit of sexiness to a full length gown. Get the look with a backless bra.  

Do you have a cracking cleavage?

A deep plunging neckline is a great way to show off you cleavage, but it also elongates your neck; Melissa McCarthy looks amazing on the Golden Globes red carpet rocking that V-neck! Add a deep plunge bra to stay supported while showing off.  

Do you have a midriff you don’t want anyone to miss?

Taylor Swift has an amazing figure, but you don’t need to be built like an Amazonian princess to show off your mid-section! If you add sleeves and a voluminous skirt it makes your waist look smaller and you can fake an hourglass figure!  

Are your shoulders sublime? 

Show off your shoulders like Lupita Nyong’o in a sexy off-shoulder dress! Wear with a strapless bra to keep your shoulders completely bare.  

Do you have a pair of perfect pins? 

If you love your legs show them off in a mini dress and make them look even longer with a pair of sky-high heels, like Chrissy Teigen does - although we’re sure she doesn’t need help making her legs look any longer!
We hope this little list of perfect dresses helped inspire your wardrobe for your next night out! With love from the team at Little Black Dress x