Audrey Flicks and Marilyn Lips

In love with the glamour and classic beauty of the old Hollywood stars? If Audrey Hepburn is your style icon, you look to Ms Elizabeth Taylor for fuller brows and Marilyn Monroe for sex appeal then we have just the beauty looks for you. We spoke to the very knowledgeable make-up artist, Samantha Parker, a London Fashion Week proficient,  to recreate all the classic make-up looks harking back to the fifties. “The 1950’s and 60’s gave us some of the most influential women on the planet when it comes to beauty, even now these classic make up looks of the beautiful 50’s eyeliner flick, full brows and red lips are recreated every day.” Read on as Samantha talks us through three easy-to-follow must-have make-up looks: How to create… Audrey Flicks: “The perfect eyeliner flick is a look used in almost every make up look in one way or another and for some women it is their perfect make up staple, for others trying tirelessly to channel their inner Audrey creating this flick poses as a complete and utter nightmare! We’ve all been there. What you want is a perfect, smooth jet black line with a sexy flick to accentuate your eyes and what you end up with is looking like you’ve been drawn on with a marker pen, thick, stubby and wobbly! Firstly, pick your product; pencil, liquid, gel or cake liner. Audrey probably used cake liner and although there’s not many brands selling it any more, a few do. Activate with water or a sealing gel to make it waterproof. My weapon of choice is ALWAYS gel. Water resistant (you can cry in it but not swim in it), smooth, black and surprisingly fluid. Most people opt for a liquid and I’d leave this to the pro’s for those awesome Arab eyes or Audrey enthusiasts. If you don’t work quickly enough they can dry and leave almost a ‘film’ over the line making it harder to build. I always do eyeliner as my last step (before a few coats of mascara though) so I’ll have a completed eye make-up look whether you’re doing a strong brightly coloured eye or keeping it simple perhaps with a wash of taupe or even just a little shimmer to brighten your lids. You don’t want eyeshadow or pigment to cover your lovely flick, it needs to be jet black and clean. The principal is essentially the same; three key points on the lid, then the flick. I always start in the middle of the eye. For gel liner use a thin, synthetic haired angled brush, not too soft and not coarse.