CODE Beautiful has arrived at Little Black Dress. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the hand bag essential you just can't live without. Bloggers can't get enough of this beauty brand. Read on hear about this cruelty-free fabulous make-up. . . CODE Beautiful is all about creating must-have hero products, those handbag essentials we can't live without. Emma Cross, founder of the brand with her Mancunian sister Sarah, said: "It started with a mascara. We wanted one that didn’t over-promise or under-deliver. One for every day, for any occasion, rain or shine. One we could carry everywhere we went. But it didn’t exist. So, we went out and created it ourselves. This led to another idea. Then another. Before we knew it, a new generation beauty business was born. "We don’t do fads, fashions or fairy tales. We create handbag essentials. Effortlessly effective and flawlessly reliable. Once we’ve started a product, we don’t move on until we’ve cracked the code. Only then will we put our name on it. Code believe once you buy one of their products, it will start a whole new journey journey to ‘unlocking your inner beauty’. The CODE Mission: To have the confidence to innovate, lead and just be ourselves. And here at Little Black Dress, we say yes we want to see more!    CODE Beautiful never tests on animals and never will. Since the niche brand launched in 2014, they've made a strong commitment to never support animal testing on any of our products. ‘Cruelty-free’ isn’t just a marketing gimmick , by offering a unique selection of cruelty-free cosmetics, most of them vegan, CODE want to show you how easy it is to make animal-friendly choices while still looking great! "Producing high quality products and pushing creative boundaries without harming animals is our top priority. " Sarah explains. "In every step of our manufacturing process we are mindful of protecting this beautiful world we live in. Sarah adds: "We are proud to have accreditation as a ‘cruelty free brand’ from PETA – the largest animal rights group in the world." Shop CODE BEAUTIFUL