Confessing to taking more inspiration from fashion icons of the past, than of the current day, Audrey Leighton of blog Be Frassy is one of Team LBD’s modern day style icons. Audrey’s sense of style diffuses a well-honed mix of classic silhouettes and colours with a fun modernity. She knows what suits her and isn’t afraid of high-wattage glamour. Often opting for full A-line, skater or Bardot style dresses, Audrey wholly understands the power of the occasion dress. She isn’t all about pouts and taking herself too seriously, she’s open, honest and accessorises like a pro. And to complete the ultimate blogger package, Audrey is one of the best writers we know. When she blogs she doesn’t just talk you through her outfit, she writes thoughtfully and articulately, boldly letting her readers in on her thoughts and opinions.  

I suppose you think i’m very brazen or très fou or something.

  In her most recent blog post she’s very aptly wearing the LBD Collection Audrey Dress. She writes about her own personal history and inspiration behind her love for the Little Black Dress. From Truman Capote and Holly Golightly, to the LBDs she faithfully calls upon today, indulging us with her musings on this “always and forever dress”. Read her post and shop the wonderfully classic LBD Collection Audrey Dress here.