Team LBD collaborated once again with the beautiful Audrey Rogers of fashion blog Be Frassy. She handpicked her favourite dresses from Little Black Dress and then whisked them away to Paris...lucky dresses. This is what they got up to in the French capital... Optimized-daniel-wellington6It’s always fun to play fancy with Little Black Dress, a brand I’ve adored for quite some time now and last minute for fashion week, they couriered over some dresses over to me. I hastily stuffed them in my suitcase, added them to my very long ‘to shoot’ list, determined to photograph at least one with the Eiffel in sight. So I did just that. Optimized-daniel-wellington5And seeing as all 3 of the dresses are indeed black, I thought black and white would be quite lovely. Timeless like the dresses themselves and timeless like my relationship with Paris. Regardless of my age, I will always wear dresses like these and I will always return to Paris. Some things, be it clothes or cities, never change. Optimized-IMG_4767 [Audrey wears the Little Black Dress Collection Marilyn Mesh Dress] As for me, I’m an ongoing series of small explosions that alter me in some way; and so, these classics in my life, I cherish them. They linger and when life is weird, there they are hovering for me to catch and think about. And so I paired each dress with a personal scenario, purely because I’m strange like that. Optimized-lbd1 [Audrey wears the Little Black Dress Collection Kate Dress in black] But whatever situation life throws at me, black dresses like these are for keeps. I’ll wear them always. Read the full blog post and enjoy all the images here.