A girl who lives and breathes fashion, Julia Lundin is the gorgeous blogger who wears clothes like a model and makes all the sartorial choices of a stylist; her beautiful pictures could keep you busy on her blog all day. After working for Elle Magazine Julia has shown her flair for fashion with a hugely successful blog and a growing Instagram account that documents her wonderful classic style, the perfect lady to give us one or two tips on keeping it classic for the party season ahead. We believe it's important to feel as great as how you look on your special night out, so we've created a new way of shopping - by how you want to feel,  whether you want to feel glamorous, classic, sexy feminine or unique you can. And to celebrate this nifty new shopping style we asked our five favourite fashion bloggers to reveal more about their individual party mood. This week we spoke to Julia Lundin about her classic style...

What inspired you to start your fashion blog?

I’ve got to admit that it was Pinterest and other fashion bloggers. While browsing through endless street style moodboards I kept stumbling upon same girls that always looked great no matter what they were wearing. It was then that I found out that all of them were fashion bloggers and as you can see, got very inspired! It also made so much sense for me to start my own blog. I was already emerged into the fashion industry (working at ELLE UK magazine), knew a lot about digital and social media sides of the business and had the best professional photographer (my husband, Patrik Lundin) at home. Not to mention my bursting out of proportions closets, creative spirits and love to be in front and behind the camera. Below Julia wearing our Little Black Dress Collection Marilyn dress, £95.

What are the best bits and worst bits about running a fashion blog?

I wouldn’t necessarily say worst, rather difficult. And amongst those obstacles are a huge competition (I mean, how many fashion bloggers are out there already and being ‘born’ every day?), and a proper mystery of how to grow it and make it well-known. I very quickly realised that blogging is a full-time job and requires many skills. You have to be your own PR person, social media expert, location scout and stylist. You have to learn to negotiate well and know when to say ‘no’.  I read a lot of technical and boring literature to educate myself on the nuances that go into making a professional blog. But the more time and effort you invest, the more positive outcome you can expect. It also feels very satisfactory as you are doing it for your own benefit. And everything else I would say is a part of the best bits! Even the long hours that go into making a single post or long days of meetings when you try and get your blog noticed by brands are enjoyable. I started this whole journey because of my passion to create something that’s truly mine and the more I achieve the harder I am prepared to work.

Describe your party style…

Even though I would never call myself a party girl (and I like cosy TV evenings way too much), I do enjoy an occasional outing with my friends or for a special occasion. Depending on where I am going and whether there is a dress code or not, my style always varies. If, for example, I am attending a prestigious showjumping event, I would choose a smart casual and classy look with an equestrian twist to it to honour the occasion. If I am going to a Charity Gala dinner, I will make sure to find an amazing maxi gown. If it’s just a party with my friends, I am probably going to be in my favourite jeans paired with an oversized t-shirt. I do enjoy dressing up for big events though. There is something about those kind of events that bring out a classic and chic side of me.

How does your sense of style make you feel?

It depends on the day, but sometimes it makes me panic. I am not very good at thinking about and preparing my outfits in advance, so even though I end up running around the flat like a crazy person, it usually works out just fine. I started to think of this skill of managing to put my outfits together last minute as a special talent that I have.

Who are your classic style icons?

Audrey Hepburn. No one is more classy and chic than her. She is a definition of glamour and elegance. My prom dress and hairstyle was very much inspired by her style.

Give us your top five tips for dressing classic, stylishly…

Don’t over accessorise. Less is more in this case. Wear suits and dresses in feminine cuts. Wear you hair in a sleek bun or do a classic blow dry. Invest in a pair of pumps in black or nude colours and do own a timeless handbag like Chanel or Hermes. Or alternatively turn to classic high-street stores for the similar shapes. They have a great accessories selection! When in doubt, wear simple white crystal/diamond studs earrings.

What are your top five classic style picks from Little Black Dress?

From left to right: Reiss Cassini Maxi Dress, £248.50Aftershock London Talesia Dress in Beige, £73Kate Fearnley Demi Dress in Black and White, was £149, now 74.50Krystal London Hent Earrings in Topaz, £30Aftershock London Lydia Pointed High Heels in Black, was £69, now £49.50.

What’s your favourite trend for autumn winter?

This one is controversial for me. After previewing all AW14 collections after last Fashion Week I have to say that I'm intrigued by the amount of embellishments seen practically everywhere. Even though I own no embellished clothes/shoes/handbags I would be willing to give it a go. It just brightens up the dark autumn/winter season so much!

What does your perfect little black dress look like and why?

My perfect LBD would be knee-high length and made of a soft but thick fabric and would hug my figure nicely. I prefer not having any sparkle on it - it has to be simple. I will accessorise it myself.

What’s your perfect night out?

I once attended a movie premier in Leicester Square and just loved the feeling of walking down the red carpet, camera flashes and general excitement of being part of such not ordinary occasion. I would love to do it again.

Reveal your five favourite places in your little black book?

For a Michelin star meal Wild Honey in Mayfair, for breathtaking views Sushi Samba, for a good night out with a group of friends and a bit of dancing, Barrio East, for the best lunches, The Flat Planet  on Great Marlborough Street and for the best work-related meetings, Le Pain Quotidien is perfect. For somewhere classic we sometimes go to the Dorchester Hotel to hear our friend play saxophone. Check out Julia Lundin's blog here and don't miss out on her Instagram either. Think you might be a classic fashionista like Julia? Shop our collection of timeless classic dresses here and from where to go, what to wear and how to wear it, see the celebs that are always turning heads with their classic style here.

Images courtesy of Julia's husband, photograher Patrik Lundin.