Danielle Peazer is one of those girls that walks into a room and everyone turns around, at least that's what we all did when she arrived at our Little Black Dress Collection launch party in London. A woman of many talents, this dancing (keep an eye out for her on the X Factor stage), YouTubing, blogging beauty is the gorgeous writer behind the hugely successful Idle Lane fashion and beauty blog, and the first person we thought of when looking for style-setters to talk about their party mood. At Little Black Dress we believe that how you feel is as important as how you look on a special night out, so we've created a new way of shopping – by how you want to feel, whether you want to be classic, sexy, glamorous, feminine or unique. And to celebrate our unique way of finding your perfect look, we asked five of our favourite bloggers and fashionistas to reveal more about their individual party mood. First up, we spoke to Danielle Peazer about her sexy style…

So what's your party mood?

I love to feel sexy when I go out, but it's more about attitude than what I wear. I think that dressing 'sexy' is all about confidence. Less doesn't always mean more and the tighter the outfit does not make it the sexiest. It's about how you feel and carry yourself, some people who look 'sexiest' are dressed the most casual but have an inner confidence which makes them look sexy.

Who are your sexy style icons?

I think Rihanna is great at looking sexy and Kim Kardashian is sexy too but dresses in a very classy way.

Describe your party style

I think I'm quite a fun party-goer, I try not to take myself too seriously when I'm out and am often the one going crazy on the dance floor with my friends or pulling silly faces in the photos that are taken! I like to have a good time. Below Danielle wearing our 

What inspired you to start your fashion blog?

I was constantly asked about where my outfits were from and I've been so interested in fashion for as long as I can remember it seemed logical to turn my passion into a hobby and the blog just grew to what it is now.

What are the best bits and worst bits about running a fashion blog?

The best bits are being able to meet other bloggers who share the same interests as you, I often see bloggers with a similar item of clothing to me but styling it completely different which is great to see. The worst bit is if I have to do a shoot and the weather is bad, but I don't have a choice.

What's your ultimate outfit from Little Black Dress?

If I were to create an outfit from the LBD pieces I'd put the

What’s your favourite trend for Autumn winter?

I love all the faux fur that is about in A/W.  And I love the deep reds and browns that are really on-trend this season.

What does your perfect little black dress look like and why?

I've got a few favourites, I have one that is by Stella McCartney and I always feel good when I wear it.  I also love my 

What’s your perfect night out?

My perfect night out is with my favourite people.  If I'm in good company then I'm going to have a good night no matter what.  It usually involves dinner and dancing somewhere to good music!

Reveal your five favourite places in your little black book

1 - The W Hotel Bar in London 2 - Century Members Club 3 - New York City (my favourite city I've visited) 4 - Radio Rooftop Bar at the ME Hotel in London 5 - Zuma restaurant in Knightsbridge

Where do you like to go to let your sexy side out?

I'm not sure about sexy but I always feel great when I'm dancing to a bit of Beyonce in a nightclub! Below Danielle Peazer looking gorgeous in our
From where to go, what to wear and how to wear it, see the celebs that are always turning heads with their sexy style and the brands we know you'll love. Take a look and see if your party mood is sexy here, and why not read Danielle's blog here.