Glimmer and Glow. . . a tanning masterclass to take your outfit to the next level. . .

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James Harkett from Fake Bake talks tanning and ways to add that all essential summer glow without the harmful UV rays. . .as a newcomer to Little Black Dress, James reveals some of his masterclass secrets. Read on for perfect body-figure solutions. . .

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1. Wedding Guest

What better way to celebrate your best friends wedding than to wear a lace and crepe dress. But the grey tones of the Evie (or blush) might make you feel in need of a summer glow. . .

image of Evie with soundbite below

 James talks tanning. . .

"The Evie makes the perfect wedding guest statement! Sophisticated and stylish, nothing will compliment this colour better than a natural glow."

It's all about the "glow" this season, says James. The ideal is to create a natural warm hue to the skin that matches your tone and occasion.

The most understated and effective way to get that gleam that gently glows through the crepe and lace of the dress, is to apply Fake Bakes Fair, gradual tan.

This is suitable for all skin tones at giving that lightly sun kissed touch of sun.

Apply after showering like a body lotion. Wearing latex gloves work in sections of the body, gently working the colour evenly.

Enhance and define the décolletage by repeating the next day, applying under and above the collar bone.

The Evie: LBD SS17

metallic heels 



  1. 2. Lunch with the girls

For a  more laid back glamour with day-time vibes, Camilla is a perfect choice as part of the new Little Black Dress Collection.

It may be a gorgeous, summer day, but often this creates a new dilemma – the harsh lighting of bright sunlight can cause skin to look hot and bothered, smudging heavier make up.

James talks tan - Top tip


"This look needs a more cosmetic approach to tanning. Gone are the days of the dark brown matte self tan. The lady that lunches in summer sun needs her tan to do all the work.

A rich golden bronze that needs minimal make up. A more refreshing summer look is achieved by bronzing the face with Fake Bake's award wining Coconut Tanning Serum. This more hydrating lightweight Serum can be applied like foundation.

It glides across the face gently sinking into the skin to define the natural contours of the face. Drying fast for super quick results. The beauty of this tan is that it can also be used across the whole body for a velvety summer tan.

My top tip here is don't use too much product on the face. A little goes a long way and it's natural glow will help you lighten the make up for days."




  1. 3. Cocktails under the stars

 (Image of Alesha Dixon Flower Dress with a soundbite from James below?)

Date night under the stars – romance can blossom with Alesha Dixon’s Flower Maxi.

James talks tan for the perfect romantic look.


"Nothing beats that summer evening feeling. What better than wearing a classic maxi that hangs effortlessly off golden, rich tanned limbs. Enhance your sun-kissed look with a magical touch of Fake Bake Perfection.

Fake Bake Perfection is body make up that sets instantly! Used at London Fashion Week this user friendly pump mist dries in seconds to reveal a deeper glowing tan.

My top tip is frame this look with darker accentuated shoulder blades and chest by sweeping the mist using a luxe tanning mitt to define and add extra attention to this classic summer look."



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