GraceTo celebrate our collaboration with Amber Lounge Monaco, we’re bringing you stunning looks from one of Hollywood’s biggest icons, and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. With a classic look that’s become just as iconic as her roles, this Oscar winning actress is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. With the help of Little Black Dress, we’ll show you how to steal her style and turn heads like this screen siren.

The Anchali Dress

In one of her most famous film roles, Kelly starred as a beautiful and sophisticated socialite in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, opposite James Stewart. In this mystery thriller she emitted a vibe unseen in any of Hitchcock’s girls, and this stunning black dress is one of the film’s standout looks for the star. You can emulate this with our Anchali Dress.

The Margot Dress

A star back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Grace would have been thrust in front of the camera for more than just acting roles. Aside from A-List events, she was constantly being captured for publicity shots; where she effortlessly radiated star quality. In this particular shot the elegant cut of the dress, coupled with her subtle pearl necklace, is a great way to wow any crowd. And you can get the look with our Margot Dress.

The Madison Dress

From the hair and jewellery to that striking, yet simplistic dress, the star was capturing the hearts of the world, well before she married into royalty. In To Catch a Thief, another Hitchcock film, she played the seductive Frances opposite Cary Grant. You can emulate her seductive, yet elegant, strapless white look with our Madison Dress.

The Rose Dress

In another publicity still, the star is the epitome of glamour. From the simplistic, yet striking monochrome colours of the dress, to the elegant gloves, something she always wore, Grace was royalty in the eyes of movie fans, years before she had her own royal jewells to wear. Get this standout, yet effortless look with our Rose Dress. You can go wrong with an old Hollywood inspired look, so for timeless and classic dresses, just let Grace Kelly lead the way.