Rebecca Pearson 4 The latest edition of our Inspired by... series features Rebecca Pearson, a feminist model and writer from London who is blazing a trail across the industry for her efforts in empowering women. Since becoming a respected advisor to fellow models about the truths of the modelling industry and how to stay healthy and happy, she has written columns for The Telegraph and The Huffington Post, appeared on Sky and BBC News and started her own blog, ModelTypeFace. And she certainly has the experience to advise on navigating the pitfalls and taboos of working in the fashion industry, having modelled for clients such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and iD. As if that all weren't impressive enough, Rebecca is also a huge advocate for ethical fashion and works closely with People Tree and Friends of the Earth, having been interested in philanthropy and environmentalism from an early age. Read on for everything else we found out about this inspirational lady in our recent interview... What do you love most about your job? All the people I meet. You get to hear so much gossip from make-up artists and stylists, and the fashion industry attracts so many big characters with fun and fascinating back stories. I always leave a shoot on a high from having a blast with the team. Who is your ultimate style icon? This is really hard! Probably Iris Apfel. I say this because I used to have so much fun experimenting with style, but after years of being told to dress in black by agencies, I really lost my fashion mojo. I actually felt really upset when I saw the film, Iris, because I realised I had lost that joy she has with her clothes. Since then I've been getting more creative and flamboyant! I feel so much more confident and I have Iris' irreverent, ageless dressing to thank. Who is your favourite designer for occasion wear? I like to wear vintage dresses for occasions. There's minimal risk of anyone turning up in the same thing and each item has a history, which feels quite romantic.  Who would you like to have a 30-minute meeting with? Doctor Who - I could travel round time and space for a lot longer than 30 minutes!  Rebecca Pearson 3 What is one thing in your career that you’ve regretted? I didn't travel as much as I could have. I could have lived in New York, Milan, China, so many places but I stayed in London because that's where I was working and earning money...and also because I was scared. What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? My mum always told me: 'bored people are boring!' And that's stuck with me! So I never ever moan about being bored. I'll take myself on a date - it could be a walk round a park or a museum or gallery. It'll get me inspired for writing ideas, because sometimes to get your work finished you need to step away and get immersed in something totally separate like a great exhibition. Then ideas just pop into my head willy-nilly!  What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Mum again - be nice to people on your way up, because you never know if you'll meet them on your way down. It's so important to treat everyone, from the boss to the receptionist to the cleaner; from your parents to strangers on the street, with exactly the same friendliness and respect. I've worked with successful photographers who remembered me being nice to them when they were lowly assistants! Rebecca Pearson1 What do you most love to do for fun? Dance! My dad taught me to dance as a kid when I was shy during Music Statues at birthday parties and I probably haven't moved on much from the two-left-feet-side-shuffle! Still, whether it's jumping around at a wedding or learning to pasodoble with my boyfriend, I have my most fun when I'm dancing. What are your morning and evening rituals? Mornings I wake up and have a pint of hot water. It gets me hydrated and it's what I've done for years now. Evenings I try to wind down my writing by 8:30. Cleansing my skin gets me ready for sleep. I make sure I really look after my skin and massage it with oils like jojoba to get the circulation going. Then I read (I can't sleep without reading! Novels, classics, biographies, anything that takes my fancy) and TRY to be asleep before midnight. Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career? Erin O'Connor. She's so committed to each photograph, so elegant, swan-like and regal, but off-camera also seems like a thoroughly decent and kind woman.   Shop the Sophia dress from our own Little Black Dress collection as worn by Rebecca above! Follow Rebecca on Instagram and Twitter, and read her hilarious, inspirational and moving blog Model Type Face. Photos credited to Theo Games Petrohilos, Igor Jerinic and Caroline Albertelli.