She's recently appeared on the front cover of Vogue, and perhaps in every other magazine in the world over the last few weeks. And it seems Kim Kardashian will have her dream wedding after all, with tongues wagging left right and center as to which designer dress she'll be wearing and where the event will take place. But let's be honest, all we really want to know is who's going to be designing the dress: will she wear a Katie Price-esque meringue or will she have an elegant and ethereal Galliano gown like Kate Moss? Something tells us it won't be the latter, but she's a Vogue girl now and accustomed to wearing nothing less than Balmain and Valentino on a regular basis, so perhaps she may surprise us after all! It was reported that the reality star asked Victoria Beckham to design the wedding dress, but regrettably the designer was ‘too busy’, whilst other sources have speculated that Ms Beckham didn’t want to ‘devalue’ her brand by association with the future Mrs West. And not only does Kim want the dress to be the crème de la crème of designer designs but she also fancies the idea of a regal wedding with her first choice of location, the opulent Palace of Versailles in France. Alas she was not allowed this wedding wish either (she has settled on a 16th Century Fort in Italy), but one can be a princess in other ways. It's rumoured Kim has been working with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress designer, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, to get her own princess-worthy dress. A source claimed: “Kim wants the low-cut v-neck look that Kate had, but much lower, and she wants her gown to be tight fitting to show off her svelte figure. Her gown is estimated to cost $2 million. And no one will see the gown until she walks down the aisle." Yet amongst the gossip, speculation that Kim Kardashian's close friend and designer of her previous wedding dress, Vera Wang will be designing the new number. But Vera Wang is not the only designer that Kim Kardashian has become close friends with, Givenchy designer, Ricardo Tisci is also a close pal of the Persian Armenian star and has previously compared her to a modern Monroe. However, other rumours claim "there are three gowns that were made just for her and she hasn’t even decided yet between them.” So who knows, perhaps she will be wearing Wang, Burton and Givenchy. All that's left to decide is will she be a traditional bride in white or take inspiration from Dita Von Teese? Flick through the gallery to see which celebrity wedding dresses she may take inspiration from: