Carly is back one last time (hopefully she'll be back again soon!) to show us the final part of the LBD Beauty Masterclass series. This one was worth the wait, we promise you. It involves our three favourite things: glitter, the colour pink and Carly.

Mermaid Magic

In case you've missed it, Carly has been featured on the blog this week showing us how to ace our base, nail the simple smokey eye and perfect our classic red lip. She's back again today to teach us the magical ways of the mermaids, and how to successfully adorn our eyelids with glitter without injury or mess.* *Not guaranteed. It's glitter. We all know we'll still find it in our hair well into the new year.


Statement look: Mermaid Lids

Time: 15 minutes

Perfect for: Adding glam to your look for a ball or cocktail party! Glitter just got grown up, use this when you really want to stand out.
  1. Wash a soft sheeny shadow over the eyes to create a base for your glitter fun. We love Makeup Forever Star Powder (£13).
  2. Mix a little Welda Skin Food (£6.95) with Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Metallic Dusty Rose (£33.50), and tilt your head back so you can gently press the chunks of metallic leaf into place on the lid. Blend slightly in the inner eye corners to make your peepers pop.
  3. Grab some shimmery Mac Glitter in Pink (£16) (pinks and bluey-greens work for us) and gently buff over the metallic make-up leaf with a small fluffy brush. Clean up any spillages with a cotton bud.

Carly’s Top Tip:

All the add-ons too much? Keep things simple – add a flattering neutral toned eyeshadow, working the colour on with a fluffy brush and windscreen-wiper-motion, loads of mascara and pat a nude lipstick over your pout.

Carly’s Top Tip:

Long or short, don’t allow your hair to let the side down, textured, undone waves can be yours in three easy steps…
  1. Tong two-inch wide sections using the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand (£120) changing direction of the wand at random to keep things cool rather than too glam. Leave the ends of each section straight – this adds width as well as waves.
  2. Spritz the hair over with Duck & Dry Hairspray (£16) to set and allow your curls to cool – moving them when still warm will undo all of your hard tong work as they'll drop out.
  3. When cooled, tip your head upside down and generously mist your locks with Windle & Moodie Texturising Spray (£22) then flip it back and comb through messily with your fingers.

Feel Fabulous this Season

Now that you've read the final step-by-step guide and watched the video, look back over the past beauty masterclasses to really ace your party look this season! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you can watch the full beauty playlist here! What better place to show off your new glitter skills than at your New Year's Eve party? Find the perfect outfit to compliment your mermaid lids here! You can follow Carly on TwitterInstagram and Snapchat. And don't forget to check out her website too! Love from The Team at LBD x