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LBD stories: A night out with Sophie Ellis Bextor

LBD stories: A night out with Sophie Ellis Bextor

From Strictly Come Dancing to her favourite London haunts, disco chanteuse and the new face of hosiery house Pretty Polly, Sophie Ellis Bextor reveals the secrets of her fashionable life…

What’s your LBD dream night out – low key or full glamour?

It depends, probably in a beautiful city, a cosy but stylish restaurant and cocktails after.

What’s your preferred tipple on an evening out?

A margarita for sure…

Do you have a go-to dress for parties?

You know what, I really don’t. My style is not as definitive as that!

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, classic, lots of dresses with colour and print. I shop a lot on the high street, I think we have one of the best high streets in the world.

Does it take you long to get ready?

Now I have kids, it can’t. Maybe about thirty minutes for a big evening out.

Do you have any rituals while you’re getting ready for an event or a party?

A nice drink, like a margarita, some good music and that’s it. I’m not high maintenance at all!

Are you a fan of the little black dress?

Oh, absolutely. Black is such a versatile colour, you can dress it up really easily with bright jewellery and a chic hair-style or make it really casual. I’m a big fan of the little black dress.

What are your failsafe style rules whilst you’re getting ready to go out?

Blusher; it has become a bit of a staple.

We loved you in Strictly, especially those costumes. What did you make of the dresses?

The clothes were very glamorous, but not that comfortable. I got quite into it, they are rather garish but you’ve just got to get over that and have some fun!

What did you wear to the wrap party? It must have been a fab event…

Because of timings there wasn’t one, actually!

What a shame. If you were going on your ultimate night out, what would you wear?

Something vintage and classic with a nipped-in waist, and red lipstick.

And where would you be going?

I actually like to keep it quite simple, local restaurants and things like that. But for a special night, the Italian Michelin-starred restaurant Locanda Locatelli is really special. My husband and I have been going there for a while.

How do you like to feel on a night out?

Glamorous. When I was younger it was trendy, but now glamour for sure.

Who are your style icons?

So many! They range from Natalie Portman at the Oscars and Mary Poppins to Scarlett Johansson and Julie Andrews. I’m a big fan of vintage Hollywood style, and I love the red carpet.

What are your favourite little black book places?

Locanda Locatelli, or The Carlyle Hotel in New York. I love New York, it’s one of my favourite cities. Then in London, I love the Greenberry Café in Primrose Hill too.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Firstly my friends and family without a doubt, it wouldn’t be the same without them. The fabulous food writer Nigel Slater, Adam and Joe because they’re so funny, then Dolly Parton and Derren Brown – just to mix things up.

Sophie Ellis Bextor’s latest album Wanderlust is out now.

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