cropped-tumblr_lg1l7cdhup1qacgazo1_500_large Valentines day - whether you think you’re into it or not, we know exactly how to make you fall in love again with our irresistible dress collection. February is the month of love for Team LBD and we’ve got the best guide to nailing a stunningly perfect look that is as alluring and sexy as you desire. You just won’t find it anywhere else. Go wild with the chocolates and flowers boys, because we’ve got the ladies dreaming of date night! Top 5 tips on dressing for Valentines
  1. RED - connoting lust and desire, it may be the stereotypical colour for this day of love, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it; there is actually much psychological reasoning behind it. Studies have shown that the colour red is known to be particularly attractive and sexy for men, stirring a primal sense of power and passion around the woman. If you’re currently dating, this calls for a slinky red number!
  2.  THE DRESS - it’s all about how you carry yourself. Whether its a tight midnight bodicon number, a dusky rose midi or a scarlet skater, this special day calls for getting your legs out in only the most stylish fashion. Tights or no tights!
  3. LIPSTICK - This can go one of two ways. You might want to go bold to accentuate the pout and draw attention with a rouge lip, which will no doubt have your guy leaning in. If this isn’t your thing, you can go for a subtler, nude lip and dramatic eyes for a sexy yet natural beauty look that will fill your date’s eyes with hearts.
  4. SCENT - Your favourite perfume will spruce up and complete your evening ensemble. Maybe try something new if you want to spice things up.
  5. HAIR - Choose something different; the opposite of what you’re comfortable with - jumping out of your comfort zone might just attract the right kind of attention. A ringlet curl if you’re used to poker straight, or flatten the frizz for a sleek, tamer style.
6dc2a0d98a5f7cf8a0aa567d999ea1ba Cinema - If you’re going to the movies for your valentine’s date there’s no reason why you can’t look like a film star. You can keep it effortlessly casual with a simple, block colour bodycon. quiz-can-we-guess-your-age-based-on-your-alcohol-knowledge Drinks - Here’s your chance to go all out glitz and add some sparkle to your V-day drinks. Wear with dramatic eye makeup to add a sense of mystery for your man to decipher. tumblr_inline_ns6btddUtM1swngfh_500 Evening meal - Take the classy approach to this love filled evening - wear a bold red midi dress with some lace detailing or a little sparkle to shimmer by candlelight. ????????????????????????????????????   Lunch date - There’s no reason why you should have to go completely casual for this mid-day date - perhaps you can go for a rose skater or a simple bodycon under a fur coat as you dine in the day time.   What will you be doing this Valentine's? xoxo Team LBD