Alesha-BlogAlesha Dixon wears a dress from the Little Black Dress Collection. We’re ecstatic to announce Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon will be joining us to create her very own collection of dresses for Little Black Dress. Speaking to us about her style in October Alesha said: “My personal style is out there, it's quite bold, it's colourful, it's edgy, it's loud.” Needless to say we can’t wait to see what the new party dress collection by Alesha Dixon holds. Known most recently for her beaming personality and bold style on Britain’s Got Talent, Alesha Dixon is more widely known for her pop music career. Google her and ‘Alesha Dixon songs’ is top of the list! But it’s the fashion path she’s heading down next – Alesha described the design process for the new collection she's designing for Little Black Dress: “It's really about balancing that {my style} with what women want to wear, but giving it that Alesha edge.” The Alesha Dixon Britain’s Got Talent style is always flawless, her dresses impeccable and do we need to mention the Alesha Dixon hair that is always different and always on fleek! So if you’re after an Alesha Dixon dress of your own then the new collection for Little Black Dress, injected with her own unique style will be right up your street. Alesha Dixon’s party ready collection will consist of cocktail dresses right up to runway-worthy gowns and will land on site summer 2016.