It was a day filled with laughter, balloons and gorgeous dresses.  At first glance it might appear to be organised chaos at our AW17 photo shoot. But in fact, thanks to our team of photographers, stylists and lighting experts working tirelessly behind the scenes, stunning images were emerging. Be a part of our Little Black Dress AW17 campaign, as we invite you to step inside our photoshoot  here at our HQ in Manchester. Here's an insider look at what really happens behind the scenes at a Little Black Dress photo shoot. . .  

Photo shoot: 8am

It all begins with a healthy breakfast of fruit, black coffee and a croissant in the huge studio 1 at Little Black Dress HQ based in Thirsk Street, Manchester, England. The studio looks like a giant aircraft hanger - the most coolest of spaces you can ever imagine. Think large white Penthouse suite meets ultra cool warehouse complete with its open-plan kitchen space on a split level floor. Add cool hip hop vibes and the buzz of the team fizzing with excitement and that gives you a picture of what the day starts like. Wish you were here? Models: Lisa Jolley and Zoe Gegout - check. Stylist, the dymanic Lou Rothwell: check. Photographer, Euan Danks: check. CEO of LBD and Creative Director Mark Evans: check. Gorgeous collection of black dresses: LBD Collection AW17: check. Team LBD (on hand for all things amazing): check. With all the main players in place, the day's business - of capturing the essence of our exclusive AW17 LBD collection - leaps into action with a whirl of flashing  bulbs and confetti. So, while Lisa preens and poses in front of Euan our esteemed photographer, Zoe is busy having her hair curled and her beauty perfected for the photo shoot as cosmetic guru Lou Rothwell waves her magic wand.

Photo shoot - beauty tips

Hair and make-up stylist Lou Rothwell works with the best in the music, sports and fashion industry - and has been in the business for 25 years. Here, you can see Lou styling our fabulous model Zoe Gegout at our recent Little Black Dress photo shoot.  You can pick up useful beauty tips in our launch blog to create Zoe's look. And, did we mention confetti? Because, a little bit like  sand  on a beach holiday, by the end of the day, we all had confetti in places, well, how can we say? In places it is not supposed to be! Lol! To say we went a little overboard on the stuff is an understatement. But hey, who doesn't love a bit of the popping colour at this time of year? Seems like Lisa May Jolley is enjoying herself here! She is certainly a super star for putting up with rolling in glitter all day. Here, Lisa enjoys  a little 'me' time with left-over props. . . "It's so pretty"! Lisa says. You might like to check out her You Tube channel for amazing model tips, including some more adventurous recipes. It certainly made us giggle. And finally, our new AW17 exclusive Little Black Dress Collection is now available to buy!