resolutions-header We can't quite believe that 2016 is almost over and January is just around the corner. With so many people preparing themselves for the resolutions that come with the New Year, we thought we'd share our tips with you on making and, more importantly, sticking to your resolutions!

1. If you can't stick to it, don't say you will!

If you seem to keep making the same resolution every year and always give up on it before January is even over, our solution is to change things up! Don't force yourself to start that same resolution again, instead, either break it down into easy steps (see tip number 3) or focus on starting a good habit rather than breaking a bad one (see tip number 2). Give yourself a smaller, more manageable resolution this year, or just don't resolve to do anything! That way, you can only feel good about what you achieve, rather than feeling guilty mid-January because you've eaten the rest of the Celebrations! giphy

2. Focus on the positive!

If your resolution is to stop eating chocolate, unless you're an extremely determined immortal who's never tasted a Toblerone before, the chances are you won't make 365 days. So, instead of making your resolution to "not eat chocolate at all this year," why not make it more achievable by saying you'll half the amount of chocolate you'll eat, or limit yourself to one treat day per week? That way, you're not completely depriving yourself of something you want, and you won't end up binging on three months worth of Chocolate Oranges after a hard day! Or better yet, why not make your resolution to start a habit instead of breaking a bad one? You could set yourself the challenge to eat at least 2 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day? Hopefully you'll be too full of healthy food to even worry about finishing the leftover Quality Street!

3. Plan to succeed

A resolution without a plan is just a wish! If you break your resolution down into manageable, bitesize tasks and split them into weekly or monthly goals, it'll be much easier to ace your resolution over the entire year. For example, if you have a big project like "write a book" as your resolution, break it up into what you want to achieve each month. Maybe one month could be "plan out the chapters" or "write the synopsis"? Can you imagine how proud you'll be this time next year when you've got a major project almost completed? Break it down. Make it manageable. Stick to your smaller milestones and smash that resolution!

4. Be kinder to yourself!

You're awesome, you know? We should all be less harsh on ourselves. Think about all the things you're good at and all the things you've achieved in 2016. Appreciate what you've got and don't worry about what you don't have! 2017 is the year we all realise just how amazing everyone is and we banish those negative, self-doubting thoughts! Plus, what better way to reward yourself for getting through this crazy year than to treat yourself?   giphy-3

5. Be realistic

Be honest with yourself about the amount of spare time you have to dedicate on your resolution. You're not going to be able to climb Mount Everest if you're working two jobs and studying at the same time. Think about how much time you have free, and how much of that time you're prepared to spend on your resolution. If you get home from work at 9pm are you really going to be motivated to start painting the house for an hour before bed? Be wise with how you plan your time!

6. Reflect on your year

Don't forget to constantly look back over the year and reflect on what's gone well and what you've accomplished. If you don't want to set yourself any resolutions this year, why not start your own achievements jar? Simply write a note every time something great happens, fold it up, and pop it in the jar. Then this time next year you can tip out the jar and re-live your greatest moments of 2017! You get to read through all of the positive changes you've made, all the amazing holidays you've been on and all the great memories you've made in the past 365 days. You get all the joy with no disappointment of breaking any resolutions. So, this year, why don't we all resolve to be happy? Don't force yourself to stick to something you won't enjoy, be kind to yourself and smash your goals. giphy-1

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