sexy LBDs for Valentine's It’s hard to believe that before Coco Chanel, little black dresses were confined solely to those in mourning. The legendary designer changed all that a century ago among the emancipated post-WW1 generation of the Roaring Twenties, and they're now the ultimate outfit of seduction. Whether you’re out on a date or partying with the girls, nothing beats a little black dress when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. A failsafe choice that makes a statement without even trying, you can fall back on this universally dependable piece time and time again. So here are five reasons you should look no further than a LBD when hunting down that perfect Valentine’s dress…

1. It’s officially the sexiest dress you can wear

As Wallis Simpson once said, "When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place." Nothing is more alluring than the darkest, most dangerous colour associated with witchcraft and rockstars. Black is also a signifier of power; what could be sexier than that?

2. Men love it

According to a survey published by The Independent a few months ago, black is the most popular colour men like to see women wearing, while 64% of them deemed it the colour of confidence. This was supported by a 2010 academic study which found that a group of independently surveyed men rated an identical member of the opposite sex most attractive when they were wearing black.

3. It’s the most flattering colour of all

….so helps boost your confidence! Not for nothing are fashion editors notorious for being faithful to the ebony dress code. The most slimming shade there is gives you the ideal silhouette. Your figure does the talking in the absence of bold colours or garish prints, and the shade will never go out of style so you’ll always look and feel chic. It also flatters every skin tone.

Sexy_167sexy dress for Valentine's4. It’s oh-so versatile

In the immortal words of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, "You’re never over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress." So whatever the night throws at you, from the most glamorous of cocktails to a pint in the pub, to clubbing all night (and if all goes well, even the walk of shame home the next morning), you’ll always nail the dress code in a LBD.

5. It's been worn by some of the sexiest ever women, and they can't be wrong

The iconic image of a LBD-clad Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s endures as the epitome of desirability, while rarely a week goes by without Kate Moss hitting the town in another show-stopping black dress. Liz Hurley’s revealing safety-pinned black Versace dress scandalised in 1994, becoming known as THAT dress, before Angelina Jolie and her right leg did something similar in the same designer at the 2012 Oscars. Plus, LBD devotee Morticia Addams is the embodiment of female sexuality. Kate Moss, Audrey Hepburn and Liz Hurley

How to wear the LBD to maximum effect:

Go for a fitted style. Show off your form in all its glory, making your curves the main attraction. Research shows that men love to see the shape of women’s bodies rather than them being buried under baggy clothes. No surprises there! Showcase your shoulders – a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine found that men love exposed shoulders because they’re a tease. Donna Karan is famed for pioneering the ‘cold-shoulder’ look in the Nineties after noticing that this area of the body doesn’t age. Luckily the Bardot neckline is all the rage this season. We love the Little Black Dress Collection Monroe dress, £95. Cover up your cleavage. Yes, he’ll love it, but wouldn’t you rather he paid more attention to what you are saying? The clavicle area is just as sexy and hints at what’s beneath rather than giving it away – there’s a lot to be said for holding back your best bits. Use it as your blank canvas for projecting your own personality via the right accessories, and occasion. Don’t go too over the top, but pick out classic, subtle jewellery and pair with heels in an elegant shape. Choose a quality material and flawless tailoring; a great black dress will last a lifetime so you may as well invest. Forget fast fashion, a timeless LBD is an eternal winner so the cost-per-wear is well worth the expenditure. Shop the Little Black Dress Collection of beautiful black dresses here.