It's racing season and what could be more fun than a chance to dress up like a lady, don a hat, sip Champagne all day and have a little flutter on the horses? Not to mention it's a breeding ground of well dressed men! So with this in mind it's important that when the day comes you really must put some serious effort into your outfit; and did we mention the winner at this year's Aintree Ladies Day won a £10,000 holiday plus £3,000 worth of shopping vouchers, so it's worth the time and money! And to ensure you have the means to do this properly, we spoke to blogger Naomi Rowland of the Two Shoes One Pair blog, who judged Ladies Day at this year's infamous Aintree event, to find out exactly how one should do it in style:

What did you look for when judging the ‘Best Dressed’ guest?

I looked for personality and individuality in peoples outfits; head-to-toe styling where the whole outfit had been considered and colour balanced. Matching the colours in your dress to your hat and accessories to create an easy-on-the-eye statement ensemble also shows you’ve put the effort in. For me the ones that stood out were in nice bright florals for spring, and wore a gorgeous hat or fascinator to match. [caption id="attachment_82166" align="alignright" width="190"] Winner Becky Nightingale[/caption]

What was the Aintree winner’s style like?

She had a pastel floral dress on with pastel accessories to match. She looked beautiful and I could tell she put a lot of thought into each part of her outfit. It was nice that she was on trend wearing pastels but looked formal and fun all at the same time.

What trends do you think are current for this year’s Racing events?

At The Grand National the main trend I picked up on were floral and art/graphic prints. I loved that people weren't afraid to wear colour and print this year and looked super confident in doing so. My main tip with prints is to pick your dress then work your hat, shoes and bag around the colours in the print.

Which celebrities are perfect for Race Day style?

This is a hard one! Take inspiration from someone like Victoria Beckham for cuts and style of dresses. But then wear print and colour and don't forget to have fun. Some of the best hats at The Grand National were the wackiest and quirkiest ones!

What did you wear to the Races?

I played on the whole 3D floral and texture trend for SS14. I wore a Yuvna Kim Textured floral dress with a cream blazer over my shoulders and a statement hat, which picked out the mint colour in my embellished floral clutch. I wanted to focus on texture over print so looked to the finishing details of each of my pieces.

What would be a no-no in your books for Race Day style?

Bodycon, too much skin on show and mega high heels - all the things that Aintree Ladies Day attendees are famous for doing so badly! The races are a formal and historic event so I believe that classy and chic should be the first things in mind when picking outfits for any of the Races. It's an excuse to get dressed up and look glamorous for the day and I certainly had lots of fun doing this! So now you have your expert's advice on how to style yourself, here are our fool-proof Race Day looks, to give you a chance at winning Ladies Day yourself: