From crisp white pleats and exposed mint zips to sleek little black pencil dresses, high fashion brand BLESSUS has created a truly covetable and versatile day-to-night, boardroom-to-bar collection of dresses to suit all styles, shapes and occasions. We can’t get enough of BLESSUS’ trademark versatile zip pieces – a single BLESSUS design can become a red carpet dress, a classic work dress, or a weekend shopping tunic through its clever detachable design. A dress that turns into a jacket with a simple zip or two LBDs in one, what’s not to love? Team LBD sat down with designer Michael Hekmat to talk about his brainchild, BLESSUS, his LBD icons and how to wear this new-to-the UK fashion label at work and at play. How did BLESSUS start? The idea for BLESSUS came from the fast pace of our everyday lives and the necessity for compatible clothing. Many women have no time to change during the day, are hyper-busy and dynamic. Hence the humble zipper. What's your average day like? I wake up around 7:00 AM. I am brilliant at breakfast, so that’s when I sort out my personal stuff: email, Facebook, phone calls, online shopping, etc. I get to the studio by 10:00 AM and I brief my assistant, or actually, she briefs me. She’s a workaholic and is up at 5:00 AM. I love that about her. Fittings take up the majority of my day, especially during high season. We outsource our pattern makers and tailors, so I go from one studio to another. Production items, catwalk pieces and made-to-measure garments are all done in different places. I get to have lunch with my business partner almost every day; we discuss sales and PR. Afternoons are all about administration and organization; I handle textile delivery, choose trimming and prepare production charts and paper patterns. My assistant Magda schedules all client meetings for the afternoon. I try to leave the studio around 7:00 PM, hit the gym for an hour, have dinner with my friends and then do something creative afterwards. It’s either fashion research or sketches. I doze off around midnight. Describe the BLESSUS customer. This collection is dedicated to women who love having fun with their work outfits (and don’t like talking about it). Details and finishing make them stand out without being obvious in any way. Discrete piping or exceptional buttons will satisfy the quality needs of the most demanding clients. Who is your LBD style icon? Audery Hepburn. Which is your favourite BLESSUS dress? That would have to be the BLESSUS Globed Afternoon Dress with Pleated Back in White. Which is the most popular BLESSUS product? BLESSUS Tailored Coat Dress. Which BLESSUS dress would you choose for a first date/ party/ meet the parents/ work party? For a first date only an LBD will do. The BLESSUS Tailored Jersey Dress with Detachable Chiffon Skirt in Black is perfect. And for making a statement at a party I'd recommend the BLESSUS Draped Jersey Dress in Black. If you're trying to make a good impression meeting the parents or at your first office party white is a smart choice. Or add a bit of personality with the BLESSUS Globed Afternoon Dress with Pleated Back in Yellow! Who is your favourite designer? Azzedine Alaia. What is the inspiration for BLESSUS? That’s the question I hate the most. I can’t define the inspiration. We create mood boards at the studio with the whole design team, so I think that the inspiration is a constant process, always in motion and always developing. Once the garments are ready, there’s so much behind them, I can’t decide what I referred to the most. The general mood of this collection is pure geometry with strong reference to the early 60's coats which transform into smaller jackets, deep necklines lighten the silhouettes and semi formal flared dresses ease the everyday outfit. Who would you love to see wearing your designs? Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan. Why should customers buy from BLESSUS? What’s so different about BLESSUS? Because we strive for clean silhouettes and creative cuts, perfectionists down to the last stitch we are different. Our technical solutions render each of our pieces unique and wearable at once which is rare in so many designer garments. To shop this fresh and fun collection, exclusive to the UK through click here now.