Meeting Alex Monroe was somewhat of, well, a surprise. In fact, Team LBD didn't really know what to expect from one of our favourite jewellery designers, but we certainly didn't realise that the man behind those beautiful, renowned bumblebee and dragonfly pendants was such a charasmatic family man, whose love for nature-inspired jewellery all stemmed from shooting small animals for his supper (yes, really)... Your jewellery has taken the UK by storm. Are you surprised by the success? Yes, of course! After all, it's me, the kid from Suffolk. I'm constantly thinking I'll be found out or something and it'll all stop. But it's great fun while it lasts! When did you first have the idea to create nature-inspired pieces? Forever! It wasn't an idea – I just couldn't do anything else. When I was a kid I had a shotgun and I went out on my own and shot things to eat for supper. But as I grew up I realised how beautiful animals are and started drawing them, or making carvings of them from wood and metal. That's where it all stems from, and it's what I've done since I was about 12. Where do you get your inspiration from? Well I don't know if it's inspiration (that sounds too grand) but everything you need to know is in nature. If you look hard enough, every single story is there. In a leaf or a flower, or an ant or two cold birds sitting on a branch. What are your three favourite pieces? Oh no! You can't ask me that. My three favourites are the most recent three I've made. Or the next three I'm due to make! I'm afraid to say I really like them all. I couldn't choose between them. Okay then, what are your three most popular pieces? Oh, now that's different. The Bee of course, then maybe the Humming bird, or the Dragonfly? Feathers are popular too... actually this isn't easy either! Tell us about your latest collection? Well right now we're on Chrysanthemum. But coming out early next year is Summer's Embrace. Chrysanthemum is quite lush, with a hint of Grace Kelly. It has pearls and the pieces have a lovely composition. I'm really pleased with it, but I'm not so good at describing it all. Best have a look at some pics on-line. Which celebs wear your jewellery? Oh I'm not very good at this… I never know who they all are. My wife Denise gets Grazia so I do try to keep up and managed to spot Elle Macpherson in our Peacock Earrings last week. But I do have some faves of course; like Sophie Dahl, Emma Watson or Sienna Miller. Emilia Fox is the loveliest. Who would you love to see in your jewellery? A stranger I've never met. A young woman on the tube, dressed up to go out, looking fabulous. Or I'd need a time machine. Is that allowed? Can I take the Chrysanthemum collection back to Grace Kelly? Describe a day in the life of Alex Monroe: Ha! It's a teeny bit mad. Up at seven. Kids' breakfast and off to school - the little one to Primary School, and the elder two to Secondary School. Cycle to work and the chaos starts. Tomorrow for example; I have 450 emails, piles of post, three meetings, a new design to finish, plus I'm meant to be at two 'meet-the-designer' events in two shops – at the same time! Then Libby, my youngest needs taking to her tutor. Denise is away, so next up I'll make the kids some supper, then it's bed-time, but actually I need to be at work until ten o'clock so I'm not sure quite how I'm going do it! My perfect day would be a full day on the bench, making jewellery. No PR things or parties. Just making, then home by seven to cook a lovely supper. But that doesn't happen as often as I'd like it. What does 'little black dress' mean to you? Audrey Hepburn – every time. Are there any very memorable moments in your life that involved a little black dress? Just dreams and the movies I'm afraid. But I have three gorgeous daughters so I hope they'll have their LBD moments. Describe your perfect LBD moment. Let's make it clear that I'm a very happily married man. But that said, if TV world was real, I would have liked to take Nicole from the Renault Clio adverts out to Antonio Carluccio's first restaurant in Covent Garden. Which three pieces of your jewellery would you recommend wearing with a LBD? For a dressy occasion, the Chrysanthemum necklace, £135, (below right)with pearls. For simple style, any pendant but maybe the Silver LOVE necklace and for a darker and sexier look, the Large crow feather necklace, £100, (below left). What's in the pipeline for Alex Monroe right now? LOADS! Our first ever, brand new shop in London is opening any minute! We want to work more in the USA, and next year is my 25th anniversary. Plus, there are some very exciting new collections in the pipeline... Busy, busy busy! WIN! If you fancy winning yourself a pair of Alex's gorgeous Peacock Feather Earrings (worth £225!) then enter our fabulous competition here! Shop Alex Monroe in our new Designer Jewellery section here.