Last year we introduced Kayleigh O'Connor, nail art extraordinaire with a penchant for incorporating her love of fashion in to her kooky finger tip designs. And since her last exclusive collection of LBD inspired nail art was such a hit on the blog (take a look at it here) we invited Kayleigh back for some Valentine's Day themed styles. Which is your favourite? WHO DOESN'T LOVE BETTY BOOP!? We love Betty Boop. She's a true LBD icon and signifies the sexy, sultry and of course timelessness of our favourite wardrobe staple. And just look at how she works that thumb nail! Kayleigh says: The hearts on these nails extend into a sharp point, which might get in the way of canoodling this Valentine's Day! However, this set fits perfectly with the day's romantic theme in a fun, kooky way. Mixing Betty's cheeky pose and expression with the dangerous hearts and thick black detailing is a great tongue-in-cheek 'Happy V Day' style for singletons too. WILD AT HEART Fed up of the mushy love poems and fluttering hearts taking over card shops nation wide? We are! Which is why we love Kayleigh's sassy, animal print and fluro pink design. The perfect accompaniment to a seriously short LBD. Kayleigh says: I stuck with the classic Valentine's Day themes of pink and hearts for this set but with a funky twist. I've shaped these nails to emphasise the hearts and used a zebra print pattern to make them pop. To me they have quite an 80's feel, which I like. These heart shaped nails are always fun to make and wear, I usually go back to this design every couple of months with different colours and patterns. SOME LIKE IT HOT That husky voice, those big red lips, that beauty spot; we all know and love Hollywood screen siren, Marilyn Monroe. So who better to grace your finger tips this Valentine's Day? Kayleigh says: I painted a stencilised version of Marilyn with a sexy red pout over a gold base coat for a different approach to Valentine's Day nails. I figured that hearts and cupids are not for everyone, and some women may prefer an understated nod to the occasion without going for the classic, lovey-dovey symbols. I chose Marilyn as she exudes sex appeal and has become an icon of glamour and seduction, so I think she suits a Valentine's Day theme quite nicely, don't you? Let us know what you think of Kayleigh's V Day inspired designs on our Facebook page here. And don't forget to check out the nail guru's website for more of the same!