From fashion royalty with child to pregnant pop princesses, we love seeing how the A-listers dress their bump. And with the help of our favourite yummy mummys, blogger mums and style experts, Team LBD have got the top tips you need to have your maternity dress wardrobe look as good as K Middy's and the gang... Katie Germein, ex Fashion and Shopping Editor of Red Magazine and founder of Olive's World Blog My ultimate celeb yummy mummy would have to be Jessica Alba. She always looks stylish and effortless, seems to be very hand-ons and has been inspired since becoming a mum to change direction in her career and devote time to developing The Honest Company. I think accessories are a great way to stay on-trend during pregnancy and beyond. You can update your look easily and on a budget. By adding a statement pair of earrings or a pointed toe flat, the simplest outfit looks modern and stylish. My top tip for dressing the bump: embrace it! I'm particularly loving the kaftan trend and think this works well to add colour or print to a simple block colour dress for work or a night out; or worn with a tee and jeans for a relaxed look. Maxi dresses are another staple in a pregnancy wardrobe. Either opt for a fitted jersey dress or a flowing style with empire line for a flattering shape. Risa Page of I really admire the way Jenna Dewan-Tatum embraced her baby bump in a healthy, comfortable and stylish way. She had such easy pregnancy style — from layers and loose tees with skinny jeans to lots of bump-hugging dresses in a variety of lengths and styles. When Jenna walked the Oscars red carpet in that stunning fitted lace dress by Rachel Roy (one of my favourite designers!) she really sealed her status, in my eyes, as the ultimate Yummy Mummy. As for my own maternity style, I'm not quite halfway through my first pregnancy so my goal is to find pieces that will work now with my mini bump and later when I'm waddling! I'm particularly drawn to light, easy dresses that will also work with tights/blazers when winter hits (I'm due in January). I don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, I want stylish and affordable maternity clothes that will work now and later down the line. My best advice for maternity style is to find pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable. The stigma associated with maternity clothes is a thing of the past and I'm embracing every inch of belly growth and the opportunity to show off our little miracle. I say look for layers, comfortable staples and pieces that will work for multiple seasons (both before and after the baby comes). I also suggest that every mummy-to-be buy a belly band to make those skinny jeans fit for as long as possible! Courteney Rodda, photographer and founder of The Titled Blog I may be in the minority here, but I don't follow a lot of celebs and honestly don't know many who are/have recently been pregnant!  Every now and then I'd get a glimpse of a pregnant Kim Kardashian on the newstands and usually thought "Oh my.  She shouldn't be wearing that." I think because it looked like she was trying to dress the old Kim body and not embracing the new pregnant body; her clothes were way too tight and she just looked uncomfortable! I tend to avoid a lot of the maternity shops to stay on-trend! I find that a lot of the main maternity shops are behind in style. I looked for stretchy dresses in cotton fabric. Being pregnant in summer means I have to keep cool even more so than before, so I've spent most of my time in dresses. Cotton jersey knit maxi dresses have been a staple and are easy to find in just about any non-maternity shop. When shopping for maternity dresses just remember, versatility is key. Buy pieces that can be dressed up or down and can also be worn in different seasons with or without layers.  Realise that your body is very different while pregnant and that's okay; so emphasise your beautiful baby bump, but be classy about it. Wearing the latest trends and being fashionable is awesome, but should that come at the expense of being comfortable it's not worth it. You'll look more lovely in a simple little black dress that's comfortable than if you try to cram your body into some trendy dress (that may look great on a non-pregnant lady) that makes you squirm. I want more interesting clothes! When I got pregnant and went into a maternity shop for the first time I was so disappointed with how bland everything was. According to those maternity shops, when you get pregnant you lose interest in colour or pattern! Maternity clothing lines that are interesting are few and far between...and then they are usually way over budget. Sarah-Jane Clarke of Bump, Baby C and Me Kourtney Kardashian is my ultimate Yummy Mummy. She always looks on-trend but effortless at the same time. I think a lot of celeb mums fall into the trap of trying too hard, whereas Kourtney always looks great whether she is dressed up or going casual. It’s been a struggle to stay fashionable during my pregnancy, I do have to say that a lot of my clothes I am wearing at the moment aren't exactly ‘me’ or my style. It’s difficult to guess what something is going to look like when it is on you but unfortunately none of the shops on my high street stock a maternity collection. I find it particularly challenging as I have also had a curvy bottom half so wearing something that isn't maternity doesn't do much for my shape. Having said that, I still buy and wear a lot of non maternity clothes- baggy shirts are great and can be worn after birth too, I am also still getting use out of non maternity maxi dresses and even tighter dresses as long as they have a bit of stretch in them! Getting away with wearing non-maternity clothes has really helped me to feel like my normal self. I'd advise other mums-to-be to wear what you find comfortable and flatters your shape, if you are quite a small build then you can totally get away with wearing your non-maternity clothes, if like me you are blessed with a larger derrière (I'm usually 8-10 on top and a 12 on bottom) then maternity clothes really do help you to shape your body. Since I started wearing maternity dresses I get so many more compliments, with everyone telling me I am 'all bump' (who wants to hear anything else?) Wouldn't it be great if you could buy everything that your favourite shop stocks in maternity sizing!? I really hope by the time of my next pregnancy, maternity wear has moved away from being so mumsy and designers have realised that fashion really is important to women especially those who are pregnant and would love nothing more than being able to dress like themselves! Sophie Hunter of The Cake Hunter I loved Michelle Williams maternity style. She always looks gorgeous but still practical and I think that's the key thing to aim for. It can be hard to dress with fashion in mind with a bump, especially in this weather, but I often shop in non-maternity sections and just buy a size bigger. I want affordable clothes that are stylish and easy to wear. My top tip for style throughout pregnancy is don't swamp your bump in more material as it can make you look and feel bigger. Shop's first collection of maternity dresses, which can be worn during and after pregnancy!