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DropGifts is the new way to show your friends you care on their birthday. It's a website that enables friends to send each other FREE and, if you're feeling particularly generous, paid for, gift cards via Facebook. Instead of sending a last minute book token to your best friend and apologising for the two-week-too-late gift that she'll never use, log on to DropGifts using your Facebook details, select the lucky lady celebrating her birthday that day and send her a well deserved voucher to spend at It really is that simple! And if you know the birthday girl has her eye on pricier spoils like an investment pair of shoes from United Nude, statement style from Blessus or a season-savvy evening dress from Peridot why not get all of your friends together and make her designer dreams come true? DropGifts allows lots of friends to chip in for the same voucher making life easier for the unorganised among us and even more beneficial for one very happy birthday girl.

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