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How to Survive Christmas and Still Look Fabulous
How to Survive Christmas and still look fabulous

How to Survive Christmas and Still Look Fabulous

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. It can also be a minefield aka Bridget Jones proportions. Navigating the Xmas office party, wearing the right dress, survival can be tough at this time of year. Read on to learn how to survive Christmas and still look fabulous. . .

1. Plan ahead – How to survive Christmas and still look fabulous

Okay, so Xmas is fun. Really. It is a fab time of year, as long as you get the basics right. Planning is everything. Make sure you sync your calendars with work commitments and friends. Nothing is more stressful when you double book, especially when it comes to pleasing your Boss versus staying on the Bestie’s good list.

Plan your party outfits and hair appointments with military precision. Here’s a few dresses to add to your list in case you don’t have time to Shop ‘til you Drop.

Affordable luxury is our mantra this AW23 with rich undertones of burgundy, emeralds and metallics our centre point to excellence. We want you to make an impact whilst enjoying wearing your dress, time and time again. We want you to buy in confidence. Without further ado, we introduce you to your next Christmas Party wardrobe.

How to Survice Christmas and Still Look Fabulous

The Ruby £75, shop now in Burgundy, Emerald and Gunmetal

Released in the first tranche of our collection, this bestseller returns because it simply sold out again and again. Now entering its third season, we have incorporated some of your feedback and made the straps wider (so you can wear a decent bra for support) and the fabric is now even more soft and stretchy allowing for a figure flattering fit. Find the Ruby in a deep emerald green, spicy burgundy and shimmering metallic gunmetal. Wear with a high heel maybe from our Miss Diva range and add on trend drop earrings to complete the look.

2. Don’t embarrass yourself at the work Christmas party

So, we all know how easy this one is. Not that easy at all. Once again, the best tip is to plan ahead, do your research if you’re new to your company. Big firms tend to have ways in which they do things. Ask colleagues about last year’s Xmas office party and discover the lowdown of What Not To Do. The best place to grab a bit of juicy office gossip is at the water machine or making a brew. Find out what people are wearing in advance. Is it black tie, ball gown or a simple Little Black Dress? Of course, we’ve plenty of suggestions for you with hundreds of black dresses. Or what about a Little Red Dress?

How to survive Christmas and still look fabulous Blog

Hourglass Glass in Red : Our Hourglass is perfect for turning heads if it’s a cocktail party look you’re after. It’s body-shaping design is great for a little over-indulgence.

3. Don’t over-inflate your expectations

Remember, December only has a few weeks, it is impossible to shop ‘til you drop whilst visiting all your family members; keeping up with the Jones’s (Christmas lights at home can be seen from space); buying the must-have toys including the one that mind reads whilst washing all the dirty dishes; remembering Christmas Jumper Day. Not forgetting grandpa’s birthday. It’s a month piled high with expectations. Take a deep breath and remember, no-one is going to mind if your party crown slips this year. The most important thing is sharing your time with those people who mean the world to you. Buy what you can afford. Relax at home with party games and low key snacks. Slip into comfy PJ’s (we rather love our True Decadence feathery ones if you need a little inspo). It is all about Love, we feel a song in there somewhere. . .

4. Don’t try and do everything

Yep, this is a good tip. There will always be another job, another present to wrap, another Brussel sprout to peel. Instead, indulge with a relaxing pamper session. Go to the gym for Yoga or simply join a friend for a Christmas coffee with all the festive sprinkles on. Have a laugh, share stories, make memories. Most importantly lighten up, it really is only 1 day in a year. Find your perspective.

How to survive christmas and still look fabulous

The WaterColour Dress is pure joy, opt for a change of tradition and indulge, £160 with belt

5. Everything in moderation

Okay, so we love a little tipple of Bailey’s but remember to build in time for de-tox. Enjoy healthy days filled with long winter walks, bottles of water and the occasional fasting regime. But this is the time of year to let your strict control slip, after all, everything is better in moderation. Go out on a dinner date with your partner, wear the best dress in the room and enjoy eating out looking fantastic.

How to survive Chrstmas and still look fabulous

The Jadore Dress is mouth-wateringly delicious. From left, The Hourglass, the Jadore, the Ascot Two-Piece

6. Re-hydrate

Okay so drink plenty of water and eat lettuce once in a while to balance out all the Quality Street chocs and hot Xmas lattes. Simple.

7. Always wear comfy shoes

Remember to add the right heel to your party outfits. If you don’t normally do a 7 inch spectacular stiletto, simply do not think you can navigate this near death experience just because it’s Xmas. Be realistic, wear mid heels or kitten heels. Place a folded ballet pump in your glitter handbag at parties – most people don’t notice you’ve lost height after the first hour or so.

And finally, always remember to be yourself! People try too hard at this time of year to create perfection. Instead, relax. Remember life is messy and you’re a super star. Full stop. You go girl!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly. Tra la lal la la . . .

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