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Top Ten Iconic Weddings

Top Ten Iconic Weddings

From prim and proper princesses and flowers in their hair hippies to ravishing rock n roll royalty Team LBD love a good wedding and with the launch of our new Wedding Belles section at we thought we’d share with you our top ten marital moments! Which weddings make your list?


In her Anne Lowe gown Jacqueline Kennedy looked ready to become Mrs President of America in 1953 when she wed the dashing JFK. Doesn’t this picture of the loved up cake lovers just make you want get married!?

While their marriage was speckled with rumours of infidelity on both sides the duo were, on the surface, the epitome of the American dream, her in her cutesy 1950s housewife prom dresses and him the golden boy of US politics. However, Kennedy was tragically assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in November 1963 and Jacqueline went on to marry Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis in 1968, becoming known as Jackie O.


Grace Kelly is up there with The Most Beautiful Brides Ever. The dress she wore to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 was pretty show-stopping too — it was made from 25 yards of silk taffeta, and century-old lace decorated with pearls and took 36 seamstresses six weeks to create.

A young American actress famed for her classically beautiful looks and who had starred alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra and Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly retired from Hollywood aged 26 to move to Monaco and marry Prince Rainier. Upon their marriage Prince Rainier banned the showing of Princess Grace’s, as she became lovingly known, films in his country and so the young woman threw herself into charity work. They led a happy life and were devoted to their three children.


Elizabeth Taylor married (and divorced, and married and divorced again — but that’s not in the spirit of this feature!) Richard Burton in 1965 and she was the epitome of canary chic in her yellow dress. So much so we’re considering a custard palette for our big day too!

Another actress from Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ Elizabeth Taylor was renowned for her acting skills as much as she was for her striking looks. The buxom beauty played in many iconic films including Father of the Bride, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Cleopatra which she starred in alongside Richard Burton. The pair were in 11 films together in total but despite their close working relationship and passionate marriage in the end alcohol and Burton’s wandering eye tore them apart.


When Mr Presley wed Priscilla in 1967 she was one cool Mod maiden and he was, well, Elvis in a rather ornate paisley print suite and his signature quiff.

Elvis and Priscilla met in 1959, during a party at Elvis’ home in Germany. Despite her being just 14 years old, she made a huge impression on Elvis with her much older appearance. After much protest from Priscilla’s parents the pair began dating and eventually she was allowed to move to Graceland in America but only if Elvis promised that he would marry her, which he did years later. Like so many of our young celebrity romances Elvis and Priscilla’s was speckled with affairs and demanding showbiz lifestyles and they separated in 1972. The pair however remained close until Elvis’ death in 1977, with Priscilla often advising Elvis’ girlfriends on how to best look after him!


In true Sixties fashion Audrey Hepburn took a laid-back, quirky approach to bridal fashion in a turtle neck mini dress to marry Andrea Dotti. The jury is still out on the hood though…

The iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady actress, fashion icon and humanitarian met She met Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti on a cruise and fell in love with him on a trip to Greek ruins. They had one son and stayed together for thirteen years. Whilst they did divorce unlike with her previous husband, Mel Ferrer who she ceased contact with, Audrey and Andrea remained in contact.


We couldn’t have a top weddings feature without one of history’s most loved-up couples- Yoko and John. As lovely as Yoko looks it’s safe to say knee-high socks for your wedding breakfast didn’t catch on!

Beatles band member and champion of free love in the swinging sixties John Lennon left his first wife to be with Yoko, and soon after their marriage in 1969 they spent their honeymoon in Amsterdam, campaigning with the famous week-long Bed-In For Peace. Such was John’s love for Yoko he changed his middle name to Ono by deed poll. The couple stayed together until John was assassinated outside their apartment in New York in 1980.


One of the most iconic weddings of all time was without a doubt that of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles in 1981. Designed by the Emmanuels this meringue of a frock was made up of ivory silk taffeta, antique lace and thousands of sequins and pearls.

Their engagement became official in 1981, after Lady Diana selected a large £30,000 ring (£94,800 in today’s terms) consisting of 14 solitaire diamonds elegantly surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold, the same ring that Diana’s son William proposed to Kate Middleton with. Aged 21 Diana married Charles and became Princess of Wales in front of a global television audience of 750 million while 600,000 people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of Diana en route to the ceremony.


In 1992 Kurt Cobain wore checked pyjamas for his big day (in Hawaii no less) because he was too lazy to change in to a tux whilst his wife-to-be Courtney Love donned a vintage lace hand-me-down.

When Courtney and Kurt met at a gig in Portland in 1990 Courtney made her crush on Nirvana’s front man clear. Kurt however played it cool for several months, wanting to remain a bachelor for as long as possible. Eventually his feelings for Courtney became too much and the two became entangled in a turbulent, drug-fuelled relationship. They welcomed their daughter, Frances in to the world in 1992 but sadly Kurt died from an overdose in 1994 at the age of just 27. At the funeral Courtney read parts of his suicide note to fans and chastised him for leaving her.


The wedding we’ll tell our children and grandchildren about- when Catherine Middleton and William Windsor married it was an extravagant affair that reminded us all why we love being British. Kate wowed in a Alexander McQueen dress which mirrored Grace Kelly’s demure bridal style 55 years earlier.

It really was fashion that bought our ultimate royal couple together. Wills first noticed Kate when she appeared in a charity catwalk show at their school (as did every other red blooded male as she waltzed along in a see-through frock!). Despite a brief break which the Duchess described as ‘not her choice and awful’ the duo have remained devoted to one another and since their wedding have cemented their status as most iconic 21st century couple.


It was like something straight out of a Disney film; Katie Price in her gigantic pink Princess gown and Peter Andre in all his thick glossy glory (yep, he’s wearing hair extensions).

As anyone with ITV2 can attest the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here stars soon welcomed Princess and Junior in to the world and with them various film crews. However, their fairytale romance didn’t have the happily ever after they’d hoped for and the couple divorced four years later.

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