Like all good stories United Nude's is one that began with love. When architect Rem D Koolhaas's girlfriend left him he used his skill to create a shoe to win her back. Matters of the heart may be foolish, and the girl may now be just a distant memory but the shoe remains and the story of United Nude is far from over.

After his heartbreak Rem teamed up with Galahad, the seventh generation of the Clark's shoe-making dynasty, and together they created a fresh, innovative and seriously stylish shoe brand, United Nude. And Team LBD are very pleased to announce that United Nude shoes are available to buy in the LBD Boutique! These shoes are anything but average, they are all about clean concepts and take inspiration from both designer's backgrounds- placing the United Nude shoe at the intersection between design and fashion.

We just can't get enough of this fun and funky brand from kooky skyscraper heels and wonky wedges to fluorescent straps and bold, bright details these shoes are truly statement-worthy and the perfect LBD companion.

Shop United Nude in full here.