Edina and Patsy are to return once again to grace and disgrace our screens with their disastrous fashion combinations and cringe-worthy situations but all with hilarious and sometimes tear-inducing results. The last time we saw the attention grabbing duo was back in 2004 and with fashion trends set by the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj; one can only shudder at the outfits Patsy and Edina will undoubtedly rustle up when they get their paws on the likes of Henry Holland and Versace for H&M. We may remember bright sportsgear with matching visors and the usual catchphrase (normally aimed at long-suffering daughter Saffy) uttered in between cigarette drags: “But dahlingggg it’s fashion!” Now imagine that with neon body-con covered in palm trees… Long before fashion hit the big screen this duo drew in audiences by the million to watch fashion PR Edina and magazine editor Patsy battle through the latest diet or attempt the most recent catwalk look; both to hopeless avail. But no matter how disastrous the end you couldn’t help but laugh and know that the duo would be coming back all guns blazing for their latest challenge. Also in the midst of all the hilarity we can’t forget poor put-upon Bubble; the hapless assistant played by the comedic gem Jane Horrocks. Her attempts at helping, which ultimately always exasperated the situation and drove Patsy to yet more booze and more drugs and more cigarettes, was the icing on the top of this sitcom’s cake. The show comes at a perfect time for actresses Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, both of which have had long-standing careers outside of the hazardous world of Ab Fab. Saunders who has been in the recent media for her battle with cancer said: “Like a good bottle of champagne we hope that we have got better with time without losing any of our sparkle.” The three special episodes will be aired on the BBC this Christmas.