In a way, the veering flux of fashion trends that pervade London’s catwalks each year is like a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse; the contest is never-ending, designers chase after the lightning streak of Fashion in an attempt to pin down the 'It' trend of the moment like a wave to the sand. The result is the fabulous spectacle that is London Fashion Week, a week when the capital is positively throbbing with a boundless array of haute-couture designers, star-studded crowds and flocks of supermodels all caught up in a whirlwind of trend-setting garments. Enter: Miss Minnie Mouse, the Disney A-lister who has unceremoniously taken LFW by storm this year in a bid to unite the unexpected; mouse and catwalk, old and new, timeless style and fashion-forward twists. Could it be that this 80-year-old Disney darling has inspired a collection that conquers the ‘chase’? After all, we couldn't not sweep off our hats to Minnie’s undeniable ability to surpass all trends; that iconic silhouette, those Yes, really, Disney has launched a campaign to pay tribute to the timeless appeal of its leading style icon, the marvellous bow-topped, polka-dot clad Minnie Mouse. Piers Atkinson, Giles Deacon, Lulu Guiness, Katie Hillier, Richard Nicoll and Terry de Havillant are amongst the array of designers who have have embraced an enchanting collaboration with the famed Disney icon, all offering their own spin on Minnie’s signature look. The Minnie Mouse Must-Haves Collection whirling down London’s catwalks at Somerset House this week comprises a whimsical collection of one-off garments and accessories inspired by Minnie Mouse’s unique and distinctive style. Richard Nicoll creatively chanelled Minnie’s signature round black ears into the power shoulder pads of a gorgeous Famed for its individuality and its witty, offbeat designs, it is no surprise that's very own Tatty Devine was one of the designers to put its own stamp on Minnie Mouse by creating a bespoke statement 'All Eyes on Minnie Mouse' necklace especially for the catwalk collection. The necklace remains true to Tatty Devine's quirky aesthetic and signature materials, featuring an impressive array of black & white perspex Minnie Mouse eyes tiered upon a golden chain. True, there may only be this one Tatty Devine Minnie Mouse necklace in the entire world, but, team LBD can offer you the next best thing- an entire treasure trove of Tatty Devine's statement necklaces for you to take your pick from! If it's good enough for Minnie and LFW, it's good enough for us- this will rapidly become your go-to label for stylish, affordable jewellery pieces with a quirky twist. As if this exhilirating display wasn’t enough for fashionistas to thrive upon, each item will be auctioned exclusively on Ebay giving fashion-followers and Disney fans all over the globe the chance to own one of these unique pieces. What makes this collection even more special is that all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Arts Foundation, which aims to promote and nurture relationships between the fashion, film, music and art worlds. Bagging an exclusive, beautiful, iconic piece and giving to charity at the same time? Who knew indulging in fashion could feel so good?! Wacky, wonderful, weird, and whimsical, this is one collection we won’t forget.