This morning fashion world awoke to the breaking news that Hedi Slimane will be taking the helm of Yves Saint Laurent as Creative Director. Whilst designer devotees across the world begin to welcome the former Dior Homme design head to the iconic brand Team LBD look back at the success of YSL under Stefano Pilati (who is rumoured to have wanted to stay at the fashion house against executive wishes) and his final little black dress-centric, emotion-inspired show. When Stefano Pilati took on the covetable role as Creative Director of Yves Saint Laurent in 2004 it wasn't all fun and fashion. He had some rather large man-shoes to fill thanks to his predecessor, Tom Ford and a whole fashion house on his uber stylish shoulders. But fast forward to 2012 and despite problems behind the scenes with former YSL executive, Pierre Bergé, Pilati is being credited with 'rebuilding and repositioning' the brand, and triggering a phenomenal rise in profits last year. And judging by his previous collections we can see why fashionistas have been loosening their purse strings for the fashion house. Pilati's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is another story altogether though. Perhaps fittingly the collection was full of black, the colour of mourning, in light of what is reported the be a sad and unwelcome exit for Pilati. Gone too were the volumous shapes and playful Prince of Wales plaids of his last collection and instead were replaced with slimline suits (in tribute to the late, great Saint Laurent), Matrix-inspired leather trench coats decorated with embroidered flowers, severe chain mail covered black dresses and sharp dark collars made of fragile fabrics which further hinted at the emotions behind the scenes at YSL in recent months. Actress and FROWer Salma Hayek summarised that 'This show was a homage not to the house, but to himself.'. The room was filled with admiration and nothing but heartfelt condolences from other actresses, muses and friends for the man who many in the fashion industry believe has been treated appallingly. We at Team LBD think that Pilati's showcase of sleek, chic wearable clothing is a credit to the designer and a last hurrah for a talent that we hope will be reappearing on a catwalk near you come next season. What do you think of Pilati's emotional final collection? How do you think Hedi Slimane will fair as the new YSL head honcho? Tell us on Facebook here. Shop Yves Saint Laurent at here now.