is British born and bred and as you can see from our Great British selection of brands and boutiques, we're all about supporting our fellow Brit fashion businesses. With St George's Day on 23 April, we're feeling especially patriotic! So in celebration of our roots in one of the biggest, best and most individual fashion industries in the world, we thought it'd be fun to ask four of our favourite homegrown designers what it is they love about good ol' Blighty. Meet the Brit pack... HANNA MARIE HUTCHISON OF HMH COUTURE Hanna Marie Hutchison rose to fame after being asked by Cheryl Cole to design her dresses for the X Factor. She is renown for her beautiful gowns with cut-out detailing, and was responsible for creating Little Black Dress's Ultimate LBD. Who is your British icon? I just love Helen Mirren. Her style, elegance and allure. Not to mention her talent - such a fabulous British woman. But it also has to be said that Kate Middleton is a sensation! Favourite British designer? Stella McCartney. I love all of her collections. Her pieces are easy and casual yet super stylish. For special occasions and partying, Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania collection is my favourite. What’s so great about British fashion? Britain has probably the best high street in the world. We are quick to trickle down style and grab the latest trends at affordable prices. We also have a fantastic Fashion Council who protect and support new British designers targeting a global market. What makes you think of England? When I think of England I think of home. I think Marks and Spencer's, walnut whips, Topshop, cabs, Ant and Dec, Pink Lady apples, parking tickets, tea and Sunday roast dinners. What makes you proud to be British?  Our sense of humour. What are the Brits best at?  Hospitality. Favourite British dish?  Fish and chips!

What will you be celebrating St George’s Day in?  The HMH Couture Red Euterpe Dress. It's perfect for fun and frolics! And of course it's stylish and slimming wherever the celebrations takes you.   EMMA OF EMMA LOUISE LONDON Emma Louise's dress collection is the epitome of cool London style that Britain is so famous for. With witty prints and on-trend dress shapes, Emma Louise's collection is one of our most unique, and most loved.   Who is your British icon? Sounds Cheesy but ultimately My Mum. She is stylish and always takes pride in her appearance. Favourite British designer? Erdem. Technically Canadian but his mum is British and he’s lived in London for a long time, that’s good enough for me! What’s so great about British fashion? The British tend to have a great sense of humour and it's shown a lot in our fashion. What makes you think of England? Tea and biscuits, picnics, the Queen, history, fish & chips, pubs, the countryside and driving on the left. What makes you proud to be British? There is so much history to be told in Britain. The constant stream of successful emerging talent in all areas of the design industry and finally the Olympics/Paralympic Games, what a performance. What are the Brits best at? Fashion, styling, Royals, comedy, festivals, hosting the Games and complaining. Favourite British dish? Roast dinner, I have one almost every Sunday with the family. What will you be celebrating St George’s Day in?  I’ll be wearing my London Horizon Shift Dress for an afternoon tea party (in the evening) with all my friends and hopefully the sun will be shining!   KATE OF KATE FEARNLEY BOUTIQUE This cool designer is based in the country's North East, brings colour and fun to everything she designs. Her latest collection is brimming with colour, texture and retro dress shapes as well as look-at-me matching fascinators. 'Our' Kate is Team LBD's go-to brand for all special occasions, from weddings to Races and proms. Who is your British icon? British born Elizabeth Taylor. Favourite British designer? Alexander McQueen. What’s so great about British fashion? It always feels fresh and individual, it often has humour and designers are not afraid to push the boundaries. What makes you think of England? Red phone boxes, The Beatles, fashion, music, culture, fish and chips, Westwood and unfortunately rain! What makes you proud to be British? All the above (apart from the rain). What are the Brits best at? Individual style, forming an orderly queue and socialising! Favourite British dish? Sausage, beans and crinkle-cut chips with HP sauce. Classy! What will you be celebrating St George’s Day in?  I would imagine a few drinks may be involved in the celebrations and if I go somewhere chic I will wear a patriotic red dress, the Buttercup (was £180, now £90) from my latest collection most probably.   ELIZA WOODCOCK OF SCARLETT BLACK LONDON Eliza's wonderful brand Scarlett Black London oozes London style. With structured shapes and strong lines in a minimalist colour palette, her range of shift dresses and printed scarves are a must for any savvy city girl. Who is your British icon? I have always really loved Sienna Miller's style and look. She is a beautiful women who looks amazing in anything she wears and really shows off every style to its full potential. And more recently I have been admiring Laura Whitmore's style. She makes the simplest outfits and shapes really stand out. Favourite British designer? I don't have a favourite British designer as I think there are so many individual pieces that stand out from lots of different designers and collections! I really love discovering new styles from designers I have previously not heard of, and also discovering little gems on the high street. What’s so great about British fashion? British fashion is extremely individual and forward thinking. It is recognised throughout the world for its quality and unique design. British fashion is also very wearable and focuses on catering to women of all shapes and sizes. What makes you think of England? Our great sights, culture and history. Our individuality, style and forward thinking.   Favourite British dish? A great British dish is our Sunday roast! I love the tradition of it and its truly delicious... Especially the Yorkshire puddings! What will you be celebrating St George’s Day in?  My favourite St George's Day piece would be the Scarlett Black London Pitch Dress in navy, £150. A gorgeous classic style and fit in a truly British colour, it'd be rude not to wear it for a night of patriotic celebrations. SHOP ALL GREAT BRITISH BRANDS